With the affordability of drones going up, the amount of┬ápeople who use them to capture video or take pictures is huge and it grows every day. This is why Seagate has partnered with drone manufacturer DJI to make a practical external hard disk drive, fit for the needs of these enthusiasts. A few days ago (April 23) a release statement was published on Seagate’s website.

The drive itself

Fly Drive is an external HDD that will provide up to 2TB of storage, with an integrated microSD slot and a USB-C to USB 3.0 cable to ensure high file transfer speeds between devices. As Seagate states, 2TB is enough for 60 hours of 4k 30 fps video.


What makes it special?

The main practicality of the drive is its portability and protection. The Fly Drive is protected by a bumper that encases it and protects it from shocks, with the USB type C being able to be tucked into the casing to save space. All of this comes in handy when taking a trip outside to get some drone footage and you want to carry as little clutter as possible. While the drive doesn’t have an SD card slot, microSD cards can be connected directly to the drive.

The drive also comes with a 2-month access pass to Adobe Premiere Pro CC video editing software, which, according to annual subscription price, costs around $20 a month, so 40 dollars worth of software access as a cherry on the top.

DJI Phantom Drone, External Hard Drive for Drone microSD Footage


Release, price, and conclusions so far

The Fly Drive is set to release this summer (summer of 2017) and will cost $120. While the fast USB-C connection complemented by the practical exterior and an integrated microSD slot seems like a great deal, the practicality of it is still being questioned, since you will probably still need a laptop to initiate the file transfer from the SD card to the drive. The lack of a regular SD card slot may scare some customers off as well, however, this still seems to be a step in the right direction for drone-specific gear development.


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