Netlist, Inc. has started five year development and license agreement with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., to design a class of NVDIMM-P (NV-P) memory solutions based on Samsung’s industry NAND Flash and DRAM, and Netlist’s work on HyperVault.

The merge of two companies will definitely solve the customer’s issues and also give a new way to the technology. According to the signed agreement they have decided that each company’s patent portfolios, Netlist will receive $23 million, consisting of $8 million in cash from Samsung Electronics and $15 million in the form of investment from Samsung Venture Investment Corporation.

NV-P is a new industry, standard for a class of NAND-based storage, which starts with the memory channel which gives the fastest data path in the computer. With HyperVault, Netlist has launched a unified memory-storage architecture which provides low cost, high density NAND storage and the performance of high cost, high speed DRAM memory. Their main aim is to deliver NV-P solutions in order to provide best performance as compared to the earlier storage solutions.

NVDIMM-P is nomenclature accepted by the Storage Network Industry Association to describe storage class memory products that combine the functionalities of persistent DRAM and block accessed NAND Flash, and operate in the memory channel. HyperVault, a ‘superset’ of NVDIMM-P.

Dr. Jung-Bae Lee said that “they are working with their partners so that they can provide the best hybrid solutions to the storage issues and by using these hybrid solutions the customers can enjoy the huge amount of data storage.” With the invention of such advent forms of technology we definitely get the benefits and these new storage solutions give the customers more satisfaction.


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