NEW YORK, NY – Expect a bigger, better, and faster Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to be released on September 15, 2017. However, fans must be ready with the price they have to pay for it.

Tech experts projected that the pocket devices might burn your pockets before the year wraps up.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was launched in New York, which costs a whopping $1,499 per unit when it hits the market on September 22. It is $300 more expensive than the recently released series flagship. The launch also addressed issues on battery explosions.

However, the leading mobile phone company might not be the only one to lift its prices on smartphones. This is according to the managing director of Telsyte, Foad Fadaghi. The company is an independent firm analyzing technology in the market. He added that the new handset might have started the trend on phones that are pegged to cost more than $1,000.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price Finally Revealed

The price of Samsung phones in Australia alone rose to 60 % since it was sold in the country 6 years ago. Jan Dawson, chief analyst of Jackdaw Research, stated that the global leading smartphone company might be pushing their market too hard. This launch might cause the consumers to stop and rethink if they really need this upgrade due to its price.

Dawson stated that some clients might consider settling the cost in a postpaid phone plan for 2 years. Telecommunication companies are giving away discounts for a limited time just to put up with the hype.

The new design is expected to battle it out against its ultimate competition, Apple’s iPhone, as there is an expected product launch in line with the iPhone’s tenth year celebration. Google is also rumored to release its Pixel mobile phone in October.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has features that seem to pressure Apple, like the dual back cameras and a 6.3-inch curved screen ran in Super AMOLED.


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