The first general principle to remember is that heat is the main enemy of most electronic devices. The Xbox 360 console is no different.

In fact, heat seems to antagonize the 360 much more than the console’s competitors due to the 360’s highly cramped design. Unlike the considerably larger PlayStation 3, the 360 sacrifices breathing space in its chassis for a smaller, sleeker form.

With the DVD, CPU and GPU units all vying for ventilation and producing a fair amount of warm air in such a confined space, the 360 is more prone to fits of overheating. This problem can lead to damaged components, warped motherboards, and finally the fatal red eye of death – every Xbox 360 gamer’s worst nightmare.

Caring for Your Xbox 360: Keep It in a Well-Ventilated, Cool Area

To lessen the impact of heat on the Xbox 360 system, and to prevent the onset of the red ring of death, try to position the console in an open and cool area, with lots of ventilation.

This general rule will probably come as bad news for gamers with expensive television cabinets. While they may look nice, confining the Xbox 360 in a walled-off entertainment center will do little for the system’s ventilation needs.

Try to keep the 360 console outside the fancy TV cabinets, preferably elevated on a stand or table. Placing the system on the carpet is also a big no-no as the fabric tends to retain heat.

If it’s feasible, consider placing the Xbox 360 console in the basement. While gaming in the coldest room of the house can be a bit of a drag (especially during winter), that two or three-degree difference in temperature may extend your 360’s lifespan.

Invest in a Third-Party Xbox 360 Cooling Device

There are a few third-party cooling products currently on the market designed specifically to dissipate heat in the Xbox 360. Most of these products attach to the back of the Xbox 360 and purportedly augment the console’s existing ventilation system.

Xbox 360 coolingAs third-party devices, these units aren’t designed by Microsoft and should probably be used under scrutiny and at the owner’s own risk. Of the various Xbox cooling devices on the market, however, one continues to stand out in terms of positive user feedback.

Nyko’s Intercooler 360 essentially provides three extra fans to augment the 360’s existing two. The unit snaps easily onto the back of the 360 and is said to increase air flow, keeping temperatures down within the console.

Priced at a reasonable $19.99 (US), the Intercooler seems like a fair value.

Don’t Let Your Xbox 360 “Stand Up”

While Microsoft has openly portrayed its flagship console “standing” upright in many publicity shots, it’s probably best to keep the system lying horizontally. The console has air vents on either side and propping the system upright – while it may look more appealing – will block one of those vents and exacerbate the aforementioned heating issues.

Generally speaking, there have been other problems reported with standing your Xbox 360 vertically, including complaints of grinding noises emitted from the DVD and scratched discs, so it’s probably a good idea to keep the 360 flat.

Take an Xbox Break and Go Smell the Flowers

This rule may be the hardest to follow for many hardcore gamers, but it will probably do wonders for the 360’s longevity and ultimately help prevent the red ring of doom. Like many electronic devices, bouts of overheating and component breakdown are most likely to strike after extended periods of usage.Walking on a park

As a general rule, keeping an Xbox 360 on for more than 10 hours at a time is probably not going to help the console’s lifespan.

To help cool the system’s components, players are advised to take frequent breaks from gaming and keep the marathon sessions to a minimum – as much for the poor 360 than for their own health. Two to three-hour intervals of playing time are ideal.

In general, adhering to a schedule of moderation will go a long way in helping the overall health of the console as well as the gamer.

Fixing the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Deathring of death

Some Xbox 360 owners won’t be as lucky as others. Despite their best efforts to keep the 360 in good shape, the three red lights of doom will invariably strike, seemingly at random.

But if a 360 console becomes incapacitated don’t panic, for all hope is not lost. There are a couple of repairs gamers can tackle at their own risk to resurrect a dead Xbox 360 (if the system warranty has expired or been avoided, of course).


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