The age of console gaming is going strong thanks in large part to two gaming consoles that have widely used online gaming networks. These two systems are Sony’s Playstation 3 with its Playstation Network, and Xbox 360 with Xbox live.

Xbox live

Xbox Live Pros

Xbox live has a larger selection of games than the Playstation Network, and is considered to have less dropped games and tend to run smoother on the network. A big selling point for Microsoft is its controller design, which is ergonomically suited for long Mountain Dew and Monster Energy Drink induced marathon sessions. Xbox also owns sole rights to two of the most highly touted shooters in the gaming community, Gears of War and Halo. The selection of online games as well as the ease of use is a major plus.

Xbox Live Cons

For starters, Xbox live costs sixty dollars for thirteen months. This is the cost of most new video games, so you’ll be giving up about one video game a year to have Xbox live. Add the changing landscape of online gaming (some publishers are charging to access online play) and you have a formidable amount of money to be spending on online gameplay.

Playstation network

Playstation Network Pros

Playstation network’s best asset is its price or lack thereof. Playstation network, as of now, is free to use and has been from the beginning. This is a sixty dollar yearly savings over Xbox live. Playstation also has a few of its very own gaming exclusives including Warhawk and the massive first-person shooter Mag. There are also a few games that you can only pick up on Playstation network, but the selection as of now leaves something to be desired. The gameplay in most games runs smoothly and doesn’t often drop you.

Playstation Network Cons

Playstation lacks a number of players that Xbox live does, which affects it most on games without large followings, as it makes it much harder to find games. In games such as Call of Duty you will not have trouble finding games, while NBA 2k11 may be a little harder. The selection of arcade games is also a little lacking, consisting of mostly independent games. Playstation would be well off to cut some of the lesser selling games to streamline the search. The organization of the Playstation store is hard to follow, and more than often a bit laggy.


Both systems and online services are well worth your time. The differences are small, however, you do somewhat pay for what you get. Xbox’s product offers more quality, but you pay for it. For the hardcore gamer Xbox live is the only way to go, however, for the casual gamer Playstation network is more than sufficient.


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