Upgrading your PS4 Hard Drive to an Internal 4TB Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Beautiful. Sleek. Powerful. These are just a few of the many terms used to describe one of the top gaming systems currently on the market; the PlayStation 4. However, there is a dreaded but (read: limited storage space).

While the PS4 is indeed one of the most impressive and popular gaming consoles at the moment, there is a flaw in that the hard drive capacity is a meager 500GB in older models, and a lowly 1TB in never models.

This is not enough for PS4 fanatics with more games than they care to count.
However, when there’s a will, there’s a way. We will try to determine which is the best hdd for ps4.
The first option that comes to mind is buying an external hard drive for your PS4. This comes with its own pros and cons. Yes, an external hard drive will fix your storage problems – but at what cost? That cost would be your time and energy. If you have no problem using the external hard drive for backing up and archiving your PS4 files, and transferring them to the internal drive when you need them, then an external hard drive is for you! 

If that sounds like a lot of work over a long period of time, we offer you a solution with a bit of work now that will save you from hassling with an external hard drive later!
So, now that you’ve decided that you would like to know more about upgrading your PS4 with an internal 4TB hard drive, you need to know how to do just that. This article will now proceed to answer all of your burning questions, and guide you through the process from making the decision, to finally jamming your favorite game on your newly upgraded PS4.
If you’re still reading this, you are part of the elite; the group of PS4 enthusiasts with extraordinary needs for their gaming. That’s why getting an external hard drive or simply upgrading to a 1TB or 2TB hard drive isn’t good enough for you.

However, upgrading to a 4TB hard drive isn’t as simple as upgrading to the aforementioned, smaller drives. Fret not, for there is a way to maneuver around this.
Step One: Finding The Best HDD For PS4
Unfortunately, unlike installing a 1TB or 2TB hard drive, a 2.5-inch internal hard drive won’t suffice. This is because due to the compact nature of the drive, manufacturers are forced to impose on the performance and speed. That is why, when carrying out your PS4 hard drive upgrade, you’ll need to use a 3.5-inch internal hard drive. Now you’re wondering; how, if it won’t fit!? There’s a solution for that, we’ve got you covered. First thing’s first; get the 3.5-inch 4TB hard drive.
You’ll want a good quality, fast and reliant hard drive. You have the option between a standard desktop hard drive, or a newer solid state drive (SSD). Going with a SSD will offer faster speeds, less power consumption, higher shock resistance, and more security with the lower failure rates.

If you’re looking to go with a standard desktop hard drive, which provides both cost efficiency and good quality, look to brands such as Seagate, HGST, and Western Digital – all with great performance records. If you’re looking for a solid state drive, preferably look to Western Digital or Seagate.
Here are a few links to the abovementioned hard drives:
Desktop Hard Drives:
Solid State Hard Drives:

If you’re willing to pay the difference between the HDD’s and the SSHD’s, rather go for the Solid State Drives when upgrading your PS4 HDD.
*It should be noted that upgrading to any hard drive with a capacity beyond 4TB is NOT a good idea, as it will negatively impact the performance of your PS4.
Step Two: Installing the Hard Drive
Apart from the hard drive, you’ll need one more item to complete the upgrade to a 4TB internal PS4 HDD: The Nyko Data Bankfor PlayStation 4.

The Nyko Data Bank is a gift sent from the Gaming Gods – not only to allow you to upgrade your internal memory to 4TB, but to allow the use of superior 3.5-inch drives. As mentioned earlier in this article, the use of a slower 2.5-inch drive is not recommended when upgrading PS4 HDD to 4TB. The Nyko allows you to use a 3.5-inch drives. This means the faster read and write speed of the 3.5-inch drive will improve the load times of your games.
The Nyko Data Bank on Amazon, comes with a host of other great features, such as LED indicators that let you know when your PlayStation is busy accessing the hard drive, or saving content. The Data Bank comes with instructions on how to set it up with your PlayStation, and there are also great videos online to aid you, too.
Step Three: Upgrading
            The video below not only aids you in using your Nyko Data Bank, but also shows the entire upgrade process.
It should be noted that, when upgrading your PlayStation 4 to an internal 4TB hard disk drive (HDD), you’ll need the 800MB update file. This is so that reinstalling the operating system is successful. Do NOT download the 250MB upgrade file, as it will give you errors and will waste precious time that could be spent gaming! 


Altogether, upgrading your PS4 to a 4TB internal HDD will cost you between $80 and $300, depending on the hard drive you go with. This will be worth it in the long run, with hours of uninterrupted gaming and films. There are endless possibilities with an internal 4TB drive! Now get set, upgrade… and GAME!


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