Anyone who owns a gaming system like PC, PlayStation or Xbox should be concerned and pay attention to your system’s running temperatures. Probably all of us have heard a super loud cooling fan that’s roaring when you play games. This usually happens because of temperature that arises, cooling fan revs up to cool your hardware, but it fails to do it properly. In the end, you end up with a system that can potentially be damaged, turn of while your playing and a very loud noise.

The previous generation Xbox console – Xbox 360 suffered from overheating. They were the result of rushed production schedule. In the result, Microsoft had to do warranty support lost millions of dollars. Then there was a Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death epopea where many Xbox 360’s stopped working because of the overheating problems.

Many third party manufacturers these days make accessories for Xbox One. Thanks, to these accessories you can increase the performance and longevity of your console. We have created a list of the best Xbox One intercoolers, where the first place goes to Nyko Xbox One intercooler.

Many third party manufacturers these days make accessories for Xbox One. We have created a list of the best Xbox One intercoolers, where the first place goes to Nyko Xbox One intercooler. This is a cooling device that fits onto your Xbox One cooling vents and provides better cooling. Unlike many other intercoolers, Nyko works great and reduces heat. Some cheap flimsy intercoolers can produce even more heat as they have an additional current draw and worsen the overheating problem. If you do want to buy an Xbox One intercooler, get a unit from a well-known brand like Nyko. This intercooler blows heat away from your console improving its longevity and performance. But how effective it is? Read our full review to find out.

Nykon packaging


The Nyko Xbox One intercooler consists of one piece that’s made entirely out of black plastic and has dimensions of 14 x 7.5 x 2.2 inches weighing in at 1.1 pounds. Despite beeing plastic, it feels very well made. You get a quality product unlike with cheap Chinese intercoolers.

Nyko intecooler

In the front, this cooler features a large vent that will channel the hot air out of your console. Around the corners of the vent, you can see chrome accent lining that matches Xbox One design very well as it also features chrome accents – sync and eject buttons.

Nyko intecooler

At the rear side of the unit, you can find a power cable which is nothing more than USB connector. This cable is very short and is supposed to be plugged into the upper USB port behind your console. You will also notice a large lock switch. It’s used to lock intercooler in place so it doesn’t slide from one place to another and cool your console as efficient as it can. Although it might, it may shift slightly if you shake it. This switch lock into your Xbox One cooling vents with plastic hooks.

Nyko intecooler


Setting up Nyko Xbox One intercooler is very easy. Before installing, make sure your Xbox One is turned off. If so – the only thing you need to do is line it up with Xbox One vent so that intercoolers vent is facing consoles front. When that’s done just use the switch, that’s located on the top of the intercooler, and lock this unit in place. Plastic hooks will latch into the vents of your console securing intercooler on Xbox One console. When that’s done, plug in USB cable into the Xbox One’s top rear USB port. It’s the only port in which you can plug in Nyko intercooler because of its short length.

Nyko intecooler

How does it work?

If you plug in your freshly bought intercooler, but it doesn’t seem to work – fans are not spinning, don’t worry. In fact, they won’t turn on until your console reaches a specific temperature. Thanks to its inbuilt heat sensor, Nyko Xbox One intercooler can turn on and off automatically. It’s also very quiet. Yes, if you pay attention you can hear extra noise from the intercooler, however, it’s very low. You will also notice that when you turn off the console, the intercooler will continue to blow air for around two minutes.

How intercooler works

The working principle is very simple – this intercooler pulls hot air away from a console at a greater rate than a stand-alone console could.

Do you need an intercooler for your console?

Does Nyko Xbox One intercooler work? Sure it does! And it works way better than most of competitor Xbox One intercoolers. Just put your hand over the vent, and you will feel hot air that’s escaping from your console. The only real question is “Does Xbox One really need cooling?”

Microsoft knew the heating problems they had with Xbox 360, so they made Xbox One very resistant to overheating. Xbox One console feature vents all over the console that ensures efficient airflow that goes through the heatsink and protects the chipset from any damage. Most of Xbox One consoles out there will run just fine without an intercooler and won’t suffer from any kind of heat damage.

Despite all previously mentioned, you might want to get an intercooler if your console is in tight place or compartment that can make excessive heat to stack up. For example, if you have placed your Xbox One on a small shelf in which your console ends up beeing prisoned into five walls, intercooler might be handy to make your console breathe a bit more. Also in very hot environments intercooler is a good choice. Plus you should always remember –
the lower temperature also means better performance.


If you do think that your Xbox One console needs some more air to breath, Nyko Intercooler is a good choice. It’s fairly cheap and does its job. In our tests, we found that Xbox One ran for few degrees cooler than without an intercooler. But, don’t expect this difference to be mind-blowing. If we compare this intercooler with the competition, it’s one of the best choices out there. Just before buying one ask yourself a question “Do I really need?”. No, don’t get us wrong – Nyko intercooler works great, but Xbox One from the factory is a well-designed console that is prone to heat.


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