NEW YORK, N.Y. – E-Con Systems has revealed the HexCamera solution; the system developed for Nvidia’s Jetson TX1 and TX2 models. The dev kits boast of six streaming HD cameras with uncompressed YUV422 at 3.4 MP.

One of the leading vendors for embedded technology, E-Con has developed the e-CAM30_HEXCUTX2 or the HexCamera solution that pilots in the Jetson TX1 and TX2 packs.

Aside from the six 3.4MP cameras that have MIPI-CSI2 e-CAM30_CUMI0330_MOD, the solution uses e-CAMHEX_TX2ADAP board jacked to TX1 or TX2 with the help of J22 connectors. It streams videos at 30fps for sync and non-sync uncompressed YUV422 format modes. It also supports 2304p x 1536p resolution of 3.4MP still images.

Nvidia Jetson Features E-Con’s HexCamera Solution

The whole system works for Jetson TX2 on five volts, of which streaming could use 5.33W – 8.10W. The six cameras are connected to the adaptor board with micro-coaxial wires. They measure 30 x 30 x 24 mm sans the lenses and include AR0330 CMOS sensor for the photos.

The developers are yet to provide details regarding the applications for the system, but what is known is that it can be used for different visual programs. They have also added V4L2 Linux driver with controls and a sample app. Online streaming and camcording are also provided with support from Gstreamer 1.0.

Furthermore, the quad core runs the Linux for both TX models – TX1 has Cortex-A57 Nvidia Tegra X1, while TX2 has Cortex-A57 Nvidia Tegra X2 SoCs. These add two Denver cores to the quad at 87 x 55 mm. It also has WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities.

The HexCamera solution is available in the market and online at $1,299 until September 14. It will be sold on its regular price of $1,499 afterwards. The whole kit includes all six cameras and their adaptor board. The dev kit is only available on Jetson TX2 that would cost $599 on top of the regular price.


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