The new version of RDX QuikStation (Tandberg Data subsidiary) has launched by Sphere 3D Corp. This device offers a four-bay version and is upgraded to AccuGuard software. The RDX family of products is offering 3TB of capacity. It provides up to 30% shorter backup and 50% smaller footprint for the data center.

The four dive-bay version of RDX QuikStation delivers iSCSI connectivity for the integration into the existing physical and virtual infrastructures, and has a smaller one unit of 19-inch rack mount form factor compared to the already existing eight-bay version which requires a two unit space. It provides two bonded GbE ports with load balancing and fail over capabilities. The best thing about this product is it provides online storage with offline storage capacity.

RDX QuikStation provides the automated data protection and offsite DR. It is made from the patented RDX removable disk technology. This device provides best backup features and also provides AccuGuard backup software with deduplication, which automates disk-to-disk backup and reduces the storage and data center footprint, and it reduces the backup window.

RDX QuikStation supports the broad range of SMB and SME environments for backup, restore and any other accidental recovery options. It also provides the removable data protection to the systems on the same is equipped with different type of data recovery options which increases its demand in the market. RDX QuikStation delivers easy and fast integration of removable disk which provides the protection of data.

Built-in web-based management with multi language support are the different features of this product which provides the more reliability to the customers regarding the data storage. 3TB RDX storage cartridges increase the online backup capacity. Due to all these extensive features this device can meet all the different requirements of the users regarding the data protection.


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