Drobo have announced they newest product B810n, a hybrid storage system which is based on company`s BeyondRAID technology. BeyondRAID technology is coupled with innovative Data Aware Tiering and hybrid storage, which makes the B810n fives times faster it`s predecessor.
The B810n is 8-Bay drive and supports 3.5 inch SATA II/ III hard drives and/ or 2.5 inch SSD`s. Drobo B810n is built with ability to scale up both capacity and performance on demand. Ability to scale things up makes this drive great for home users and small businesses. You can use Drobo capacity calculator to make NAS that fits best to you.
Drives price  is $1599 and it comes with two free SSD if made your purchase till 12/31/2015 (Icy dock converter is sold separately). Drive comes with 1-year warranty but you can extend it up to 3-years with DroboCare featuring advanced hardware replacement and 24/7 phone support.

Also available on Amazon.com with free shipping

It is called Hybrid Storage System because it automatically collaborates high performing SSD`s and high capacity HDD`s in order to achieve better overall performance. As the user modify`s data the B810n will automatically rellocate data between HDD`s and SSD`s to increase performance.

Also the Drobo B810n is equipped with new data security features including:

  • eUSB and Battery Backed cache that will protect data not yet written to disk from loss in case of sudden power loss.
  • Active background data scrubbing, which intermittently verifies all user data and metadata, and regularly searches and repairs inconsistencies and corruption. In addition, the cache pre-heat functionality provides recovery after power failure of cache metadata saved to disk.
  • The BeyondRAID technology will protect user`s data from multiple drive failure at the same time. With just a single click user`s can switch from single to dual disk redundancy, giving the user`s dual parity data protection, the same as in enterprise applications.



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