MANHATTAN, NEW YORK CITY –Netflix is starting to build up its partnership with different airlines to introduce their latest mobile streaming technology. This technology is set to provide passengers an in-flight Wi-Fi connection to stream their favorite and preferred movies and videos from Netflix.

Netflix will start launching its mobile streaming technology in partnership with certain airline companies next year. This innovation is said to give passengers a better in-flight experience, most especially those who travel long hauls via plane, through a special Wi-Fi connection.

This move will benefit both the airlines and Netflix. The better the experience, the more passengers to book with the airline, and the more people can stream movies and videos on Netflix while on the flight.

Through the years, Netflix has studied and developed this bandwidth technology to give users the ability to stream their favorite Netflix shows even when cellular data and Wi-Fi connections are weak or not permitted.

Netflix Offers Bandwidth Tech to Airlines for In-Flight Streaming

Moreover, airlines can work on this advantage because Netflix can offer better savings of up to 75 percent in terms of bandwidth expenses. In addition, Netflix offers their partnered airline a better internet connection.

The entertainment company’s next move to improve airlines’ internet connection is wise. This is also due to the passengers’ culture and character of staying connected and sharing their real-time experience online through social media platforms.

When the partnership is up, passengers can expect a better Netflix user experience whilst on the flight. Better internet connection is on the way as well to entertain passengers during their long-haul flight. This can better the in-flight passenger experience that can be advantageous to the airline.

Netflix starts courting different airlines for the said partnership. The entertainment company has partnered with different airlines before such as Virgin Australia, Virgin America, Aeromexico, and Qantas.

Netflix is looking at revisiting its partnership with above mentioned carriers. Furthermore, the project is set to rise and be offered starting year 2018.


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