SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Microsoft’s new Xbox One X console preorders will be expected and accepted at the Gamescom 2017, Europe’s digital gaming trade fair, from August 22 to 26. But what caught the attention of everyone on the Internet were the details about the special limited Xbox One X edition known as the Project Scorpio.

The listings were shown live on two German retail sites, with one taking down the post. That short time that they were posted was enough for Microsoft fans to go crazy about the announcement.

However, Microsoft is yet to release an official statement regarding Project Scorpio. Rumor has it the surprise version might be a tribute to the original code name of Xbox One X with the Scorpio logo in front of the game console and controllers. It was also said that the paint job on this special edition was customized. The controller has an intense jet-black scheme, while the console with a simple engraved texture that the regular edition does not have.

Dubbed as the most powerful gaming console in the world, Microsoft is sure to excite its target market – having 40% more power compared to other consoles in the market. It boasts of a smoother gameplay, bigger memory, 4K environments, faster bandwidth, and “designed for every angle.”

A German sales web page has described the Project Scorpio edition as Microsoft’s special gift for the most dedicated fans available for a limited time only. If this were deemed correct, it would be launched just like the original Xbox One was launched. The first version came out in the market with the Xbox One Day special offering that features a console and an exclusively designed game controller.

This Xbox One X leak is a sure buzz with just a few days before Gamescom 2017, but it will help keep the hype up for the special edition if it were true.


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