Micro SD cards are a handy way of always having important files on you. Most of us use them to add more space to our phone storage, but there are many more uses for them. So many, in fact, that interchanging SD cards or not having a slot for them on your laptop or PC becomes frustrating.

This is why adapters are used and an adapter that connects your Micro SD card to other devices is called a Micro SD card reader. Try mixing this device with the new and handy USB-C connection, and you’ll create the Lexar C1 Micro SD card reader.


  • Very small and portable
  • A handy and simple solution for transfering files to may different modern devices
  • Only 1 year of warranty
  • Uses only UHS-I speeds (10MB/s speed rating)


Features and Performance

The only main features about this tiny device are its speed class and connection types. Lexar C1 MicroSD card reader will, as the name suggests, read Micro SD cards. While very few people have had this device work only with Lexar Micro SD cards, it is designed to work with most modern-day Micro SD card, regardless of the manufacturer. The Lexar C1 is also one of the smallest card readers out there, being the smallest size it could be while still being able to hold a Micro SD card. Still, if you want to use it with your phone, be sure to check if it’ll fit through your case and reach the USB-C port.

As for the connector, Lexar C1 card reader uses the USB-C connector, which is one of the newer connector types and has gained popularity over the past couple years. This is because of the connector’s small size and reversibility, meaning it can be plugged in either directly or upside-down. It is also used by computers and portable devices alike, making cross-compatibility between devices much simpler. The USB-C connection can reach up to 10Gbps speeds but this may vary between devices, not to mention the fact that an SD card reader won’t reach these speeds anyways. The card reader is also available with Micro-B (Lexar M1 microSD reader) and Lightning (Lexar microSD reader) connectors. It comes with a 1-year warranty, which is rather short.

Lexar C1 microSD card reader review, usage, speed

Speaking of transfer speeds, Micro SD cards have speed ratings associated with them. The Lexar C1 card reader, for example, uses the UHS-I speed rating of 10MB/s. This means that UHS-II or higher Micro SD cards will be bottlenecked by the card reader. Also, the 10MB/s speed rating actually translates to around 104MB/s sequential speeds in real life, which Lexar C1 came close to. In pretty much all benchmarks it reaches around 95-98MB/s sequential read/write speeds when working with UHS-II and other fast SD cards.


User Experience

Most customers have had a great experience with this device, mostly acknowledging the small size of the device which has allowed handy data transfer whenever the need arises. Other than that, the device functioned as expected in most cases.

Most, but not all, as many people (mainly iPhone users who purchased the Lightning connector model) reported faulty software, to the point where the device was completely unusable. When it comes to the USB-C C1 model though, not many people have reported such issues and have been using the device without a hitch.



The Lexar C1 microSD card reader is a very useful gadget for people who are always on the go and need an easy way of transferring files from their cameras or phones to their laptops or other USB-C devices. The small size of the device makes it very portable, although some phone cases might have openings too narrow for it to fit. Pricewise, this card reader isn’t the cheapest at around $12, but if a compact card reader is what you need, paying a couple more dollars for this small and sturdy device might be worth it.

Overall, this Micro SD card reader does what it does well and is a pretty handy addition to any well-fitted cameraman, drone pilot, traveler, or pretty much anyone else who might need to quickly transfer files from an SD card to other devices.


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