The Kingston Hyper X Blu: A Review
Kingston Hyper X Blu Review

If you want to add ram to computersystems or simply give your desktop an upgrade, the Kingston Hyper X BluDesktop Memory (8GB RAM) is definitely one of your best choices. It’s a desktop memory designed for entry-level gamers, system builders, as well as PC users and enthusiasts. The Hyper X Blu Desktop Memory offers the perfect balance between good price and awesome performance.

Here’s a quick rundown of its features:

·        It uses Hyper X module that has faster latency timing — you get faster speed and higher performance.
·         It has two 4GB modules (a total of 8GB) of 1.65-volt DDR3 desktop memory
·         It is especially designed and lab-tested for compatibility with various models and makes of desktop computers.
·         It is from Kingston, an industry leader in creating high quality PC memory.


The Hyper X Blu Memory has Intel XMP profiles built into the modules, providing higher power frequencies, voltage, and timings you can get just by enabling the Intel Extreme Memory Profile in BIOS mode.

Bold, Durable, and Aggressive

The Hyper X Blu Memory is a low height heat dissipater, providing greater thermal spread for much improved reliability. The blue design is bold, sleek, and sturdy.
Another good thing about the Hyper X Blu Memory is that it is pretty lightweight at 2 lbs. and comes in quite handy with dimensions of 13 inches x 4.5 inches x 0.1 inches. Its total shipping weight, however, is 3.2 oz.

Quality Performance

In kits of 2, this memory’s capacities can range from 4GB to 8GB (single module) and 8GB to 16GB. It offers speeds from the range of 1333MHz to 1600MHz — ideal for faster multitasking computers and improved gaming experience with its high performance upgrades.
What’s more, it boasts of a DDR3 RAM, the latest in RAM memory technology. The Hyper X Blu Memory is perfect if you want to increase computer memory, gives your computer a boost (i.e. upgrade), or build your very own desktop PC from scratch.
This is one of the best PC RAM items you can buy online because although it may not be in your computer’s supported list for your particular motherboard, you can take a chance on it, thanks to its awesome price. You can install it and get your motherboard to run at a default of 1066, but you can easily change its settings to get a clocked up 1333+ speed, which is the maximum speed that some motherboards can support.
A lot of users are very pleased with the performance of the Kingston Hyper X Blu 8 GB Desktop Memory. You can buy it online from Amazon (arguably the best place to buy ram online). If you’re in search for a DDR3 1600 desktop memory, this is good fit. You can plug it right in and your job is done. It’s a stable high quality RAM that is very good for its price and gives you plenty of value for your money. Best of all, it comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer (Kingston) itself.


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