Not all cloning software are created equal. Though they all do the same thing which is data back-up; some are just better than others regarding performance, and even having additional helpful features. This article enumerates the best hard drive cloning software both for home and professional use. 
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Acronis True Image 2016
Acronis True Image

Acronis cloning software has established itself as one the best hard drive cloning software on the market. Whichever Acronis software you use, be it the Acronis True Image 2016, or the Acronis Backup and Restore, functionality is guaranteed. This article will discuss the Acronis True Image 2016 and its features.

Acronis True Image 2016 is very user-friendly for beginners and first-time hard drive cloners. At the launch of the program, a virtual tour and help topics already show up. It also explains the different program features and options and when to use each. Like the best hard drive cloning software, Acronis goes beyond its primary cloning task; and adds many more comprehensive features to its arsenal. It can clone or image the hard disk, do incremental or partial back-ups if pressed for time, and pick up on where it left off once cloning is continued. It can also create media recovery pathways on its 5GB cloud storage, and synchronize folder content or latest file versions simultaneously on the source and destination drive.

It has a user interface that is quite easy to navigate despite its many functional attributes. Being the overall best hard drive cloning software, it comes with a price, though. At the moment, Acronis True Image 2016 price for one computer is $49, although most people would rather use a free cloning software.

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Speaking of a free cloning software, Clonezilla is the best hard drive cloning software that is absolutely free. It is capable of multi-cloning up to 40 computers at once if installed via a computer network or sharing a connection. It is also quite fast with a rate of 8 GB per minute. It supports and can work on virtually any operating system and also has an unattended mode. Just leave commands and let it be, the system runs quite smoothly on its own.

The downside though is that the interface is not very user-friendly and is reminiscent of DOS-type prompting which may be off-putting for the mainstream consumers. But despite this humble and plain appearance, it is really capable of almost the same performance as Acronis to be crowned as the best free hard disk drive cloning software. Clonezilla is continuously improving and new versions to be released might enable features such as incremental back-up and online cloning or imaging.



Whether it is Acronis or Clonezilla, you choose for the cloning task at hand, it’s guaranteed that these two are the best hard drive cloning software’s in their league. Consider priorities as well as costs in deciding which software to use.¬†

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