Whether it’s the infamous red ring of death or a horribly circle scratched game disc, the Xbox 360 has been known to have its share of operating problems. The good news is many of these problems are, for the most part, largely avoidable if the time is taken to properly set up the console before accidents can happen.
The following is a list tips that can help ensure the extended life of any Xbox 360 console as well as the continued usability of any games or media discs that might be operated by it.

How to Setup the Xbox 360

1) When hooking up the console, make sure the cords are free from obstructions and are not placed in pathways where people will easily trip over them causing damage to the system and any games inserted at the time.

2) Plug the AC adapter for the Xbox 360 into it a separate power outlet. According to the user guide that comes with the system, the console requires about 160 watts of power. This amount of power usage is substantial enough that it should require its own outlet in order to avoid unwanted shutdowns or power surges.

How to Properly Position the Xbox 360

1) Station the console on a hard, level surface which is free from dust and debris that could potentially clog the system vents and cause overheating.

2) Never station the Xbox 360 directly on carpet. If a carpeted area is the only surface available, place a hard covered textbook or similar hard, flat surface onto the carpet, then station your console on top of that.

3) If possible, always leave the console in the horizontal position. Although the Xbox 360 is designed so that it may stand vertically, It is usually best to lay it flat horizontally. This gives the system more stability, reducing the chance of it accidentally being knocked over during use and damaging any game discs that might be inserted at the time.

4) Never reposition or change the orientation of the console while there is a disc loaded. This can permanently damage the disc and render it unusable.

How to Prevent the Xbox 360 From Overheating

1) Do not place the console in an enclosed area. In order to prevent overheating, it is best that the system is put in an open environment where air is free to circulate. Doing so will allow the system to blow out the heated exhaust air while taking in cooler air from the surroundings.

2) Make sure the power brick on the AC adapter is not right next to the console when in use. Since the power brick can get fairly hot, it is a good idea to remove it from the immediate vicinity of the console. This will prevent excess heat from building up and possibly overheating the system.

3) Although it is usually unnecessary, a cooling device can be purchased separately and attached to the system if it is going to be used for prolonged periods. Just make sure the cooling device comes equipped with its own power source or else it may end up drawing additional power from the system which could then lead to more overheating and or unwanted shutdowns.

How to Maintain Xbox 360 Game Discs

1) Always remember to put game discs back in their original cases when they are not in use. This will prevent unwanted scratches and help them maintain their resale value.

2) Keep a soft cloth handy to wipe discs if they get dusty or smudged. Accumulation of dust and fingerprints on game discs can make them much harder for the system to read.

By following these simple steps it is possible to keep an Xbox 360 console running smoothly for years and avoid the lengthy waiting periods that accompany having to send it into Microsoft for repairs. If something does happen with your Xbox 360, check out our article – How to fix a Xbox 360.


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