How to Install Hard Drive for Laptop

The hard drive is the primary storage location for all the data you store in your laptop. If the drive is full, installing a new drive and storing the old one could be an ideal solution. Also, you can easily damage hard disk just by accidentally dropping the laptop. You will need to install a new hard drive in both cases you can do it on your own rather than take your laptop to a repair shop, which might be expensive. All you need to do is to learn how to install a hard drive for a laptop.

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Step No. 1 – Power Off Your Laptop

Make sure that the power is down before doing any work. Power down your laptop completely, and not only in Sleep Mode. Eject the battery at the back, to avoid the possibility of electric shock. 

Step No. 2 – Open It Up

Open the disk panel, which is typically situated at the bottom of the laptop. You need to use the appropriate size of screw drive to detach the screws and the panel. You can identify the panel by your hard disk icon printed on it or next to it. Most laptops could only house one hard drive. More sophisticated laptops could support two hard drives. If you need to replace your only hard drive, you may need to reinstall your OS after replacement.

Step No. 3 – Discharge Yourself

Make certain that you don’t have any access to static electricity. To do this, touch a metal object other than the laptop such as a metal table, to discharge any residual static electricity that you could have.

Step  No. 4 – Take Out The Old Hard Drive (HDD)

Detach the hard drive. Depending on the brand of your laptop, you may need to remove several screws before you can completely remove the hard drive. But take note that not all laptop drives are secured by screws. Normally, there’s a ribbon that you can use to release the hard drive. The drive will slightly be ejected about half an inch that lets you remove it from the panel. Keep your old drive in a safe place if you need to restore the data from it.

Step No. 5 – Install New Hard Disk

Fit in your new hard drive. Make sure that you fit it with the right side facing out. When you have fixed the hard disk into the panel, firmly press it into the connectors. Be sure not to force the drive, to avoid damaging the connectors. When the drive is firmly secured, bolt it up with the screws. 

Step No. 6 – Put Everything Together

Close the panel and re-attach the battery. Be sure that the panel is closed firmly. The next step is to prepare the new drive by reinstalling windows. There are available guides on “How to install hard drive” based on different operating systems. 


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