Ultimate frisbee can be a grueling game and is sometimes even played for as long as 100 minutes! The game is played by trying to score in the opponent’s end zone. As such, there is a lot of running, quick stops, and directional changes whether you are on the offense or the defense.

It also uses your upper body as you are required to throw and catch a frisbee, sometimes from long distances across the field. So it is not uncommon for your body to start to feel signs of fatigue and burnout. With so many types of sports gear, gadgets and new technology promising to improve your game, is there something you can add that can help you be a better frisbee player?


Compression gear and its use

Compression gear is different types of garments that add support and pressure that improve the circulation in certain parts of your body. This delays the onset of fatigue in your muscles and can also help you recover more quickly if your body is sore or tired from exercise. Here are some ways compression gear can improve your ultimate frisbee experience.


How does compression gear work?

Compression gear can improve your athletic performance but to understand how it can help, you first need to understand how blood flow and supply works in your body. Blood flow and supply is an important physiologic function in your body because it delivers blood to your muscles.

This is important because your blood carries important blood oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and then returns the blood to the lungs and hearts. When you are lying down it is much easier for blood to travel through your body because you do not have outside forces such as gravity pulling blood flow in one direction.

When you are standing up, the muscles in your legs act as pumps and compete with gravity to force blood back toward your heart in conjunction with veins and valves to promote unilateral direction.

Compression gear works because of the pressure, sometimes in a gradient, prevents the muscles from expanding completely. This cause the veins to shrink in diameter forcing blood back toward the heart.


Which gear can help your ultimate frisbee performance

Compression gear comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. Come material, especially for athletes, is moisture resistance. The pressure provided by compression gear can be uniform or it can supply a gradient.

Since ultimate frisbee players tend to spend a lot of time on their feet. Compression socks are a great way to improve performance by providing support to your lower legs and by improving circulation. Compression socks can also prevent or reduce swelling either before or after a game because they help to push blood and fluid back toward the heart.

They also help clear lactic acid, which is a byproduct of exercise and normal metabolism that can make you feel sore or tired, so they can also help you recover from a hard game or workout.

In addition to compression socks, you can also wear arm sleeves, if you are thrower on your team. The pressure provided by arm sleeves will work the same way since it will improve circulation by providing support and pressure.

Compression shorts meant to support your upper leg muscles are great if your quad muscles get especially tired during a game. Whichever type of gear you choose, compression gear minimizes the vibrations that occur with exercise so that there is less stress placed on your muscles. Some studies have shown that compression gear improves biomechanics, meaning your muscles, tendons, and overall form will work better and more efficiently.

When choosing compression gear, no matter what the type, it should fit firmly but not too tight as it can start to constrict blood flow. It should also not be too loose as loose-fitting gear will not provide the benefits. Compression gear should never be difficult to put on or take off. It could be comfortable and never cause pain or discomfort.


Other ways to improve your performance and recover more quickly

healthy food

Compression gear can be a great way to improve your performance but there are also several other things you can do that can help you play better and recover more quickly. First, it is important to eat healthy and nutritious food, so your muscles will get all the key nutrients and electrolytes to make you perform better.

You should eat lots of whole grains, fruits, and vegetable. You should also be sure to hydrate properly. Preparing before a game will allow you to play to your full potential. You should also make sure to get proper rest and enough sleep since your muscles recover and grow as you sleep.


After a game, you can get a massage to help your muscles recover. There are many types of massages but for athletes and ultimate frisbee players, you should get a Swedish or deep tissue massage. A Swedish massage tends to focus on relaxing your entire body whereas a deep tissue focuses on parts of the body that may be stressed or have a lot of tension in that area.

For ultimate frisbee players, you may want to get a deep tissue massage to work on areas such as your legs that become stressed due to overuse. Any type of massage will improve overall circulation and break up the tension. This will help loosen up your legs, so you can recover better.

A foam roller is another great way you can help your body recover. A foam roller is a device used by trainers and athletes that is used on stressed muscles in the body. It can be used before or after a game and also breaks up tension in your muscles. This helps to improve circulation and will allow your body to work more efficiently.

For ultimate frisbee players, compression gear can improve your athletic performance and help you recover. Since a majority of the game is spent on your legs, compression socks can be a great way to add support and improve overall circulation. Other types of gear can be used since ultimate frisbee requires you to use your upper body as well.

Used during or after a game, compression gear will help delay fatigue, prevent swelling and can help your muscles recover more quickly. You can also incorporate other methods to help loosen up your muscles such as a massage or a foam roller.  With the competitive nature of the game, the use of compression gear can boost your overall performance and help you become a better ultimate frisbee player.


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