Christmas is the most wonderful and cheerful time of the whole year, surrounded by your family, friends and loved ones, one is bound to get Hugs and kisses. Although these hugs and kisses are vital for spreading the holiday cheer, let’s not forget that along with holiday cheer, they do spread lots of germs. It’s better to be smart this Christmas and be prepared beforehand. Even Though it can be quite the hassle to choose among the multiple options of hand soaps available in the market, we have done the hard work for you, so sit back and relax and go through our list of Top 10 Christmas Hand soaps and choose among them the best ones for your holiday season.

This scented Foaming soap by Bath & Body Works has a very refreshing scent featuring a blend of cool and icy peppermint, Fresh Balsam and sugared snow. The best thing about it is that it delivers a massive cloud of foam which turns into a creamy, rich lather that washes away dirt while the Vitamin E and Aloe present, leaves your hands feeling soft and refreshing. Available in a 259-ml bottle twisted Peppermint can also be a perfect Christmas gift for a friend or loved one.


Another great Fragrant Hand soap by Bath and body works, features a sweet and light blend of winter rose, candied orange and red apple. Winter Candy produces a creamy, rich lather of foam which washes away all the germs and leaves one’s hands feeling fresh, soft and refreshingly scented. For those who are still confused about Christmas gifts, Winter Candy Hand Soap by Bath & Bodyworks can be the perfect gift you’re looking for.

In case you hadn’t had your fill with Vanilla this year, Bath & Bodyworks bring us another one of their Best-selling soaps. Featuring a sweet yet sugary blend of warm caramel along with vanilla bean and sugar cookies makes this Hand soap one of the best gifts you can give to anyone this Christmas. Not only that but it can be refreshing hand soap to have around in your house.

With each Individual soap beautifully wrapped, the French Milled Botanical Soap set has made it to our list of top 10 due to their long-lastingness, Delightful scents, and High quality. Each Individual bar has a unique fragrance with a good amount of foam, and creamy lather that helps wash away the dirt while giving your hands a perfectly soft and refreshing after effect.

The best thing about Coconut Mint Drop by Bath and Body works is that this specific soaps nourish your skin but also gives off a delightful coconut scent. The fragrance is a sweet refreshing blend of iced peppermint, winter musk, and pure white coconut. Perfect for winters, especially during the holiday season.


Made by one of top Soap making brands on Amazon, Puracy Natural produces a rich yet creamy foaming lather that lets you have a refreshing hand washing experience. Available in vanilla and lavender as well, the best thing about this product is that it doesn’t contain any of those harsh chemicals that can affect your skin, it is totally plant-based which makes it child safe, and is recommended for household use.

Similar to other Michel Design Works Hand Soaps, Indigo Cotton also comes in a 17.8-ounce Bottle which is a quite a generous amount and will last for quite a while. With a scent of fresh linen, and a floral powdery hint of violet, and a slight undertone of lily of the valley, Indigo cotton is a great Hand soap to have around the house during the holidays, can also be bundled with other things and turned into a perfect Christmas gift.

Honey Almond is one of the best-selling Hand Soaps by Michel Design Works and comes in a 17-ounce bottle which will last for a quite a while. Honey Almond has a very refreshing fragrance of sweet Almonds mixed with honey, cherry, and vanilla and it will never leave your hands dry. With a decent amount of Lather Production Honey Almond leaves your hands with a soft refreshing after effect.

Another best seller by Michel Design consisting of Shea butter, this Hand soap is yet another one of those products that can not only be perfect for household use but can be a great Christmas Gift. With a slight hinted Eucalyptus scent, this foaming soap also features scent of rosemary and lavender.

Christmas Day is yet another Delightful Foaming soap by Michel Design works featuring a floral, winter fragrance, with undertones of clove, toffee, and balsam. Like the name suggest, Christmas Day can be the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one due to it’s delightful yet Refreshing Scent and soft and refreshing after effect which is one of the reasons why Christmas day has topped our list of top 10 Christmas Soaps.


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