SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Google has started to feed its competent developers a developer beta for Android 8.1 or popularly known as the Android Oreo. The main focus of the update is the utilization of Neural Networks API.

The Neural Networks API serves to bring hardware-accelerated conjecture to the mobile device to create a faster solution to previous units released. Moreover, the Neural Networks API brings a lot of advantages by reducing the abeyance of the network, and by diminishing its load. Thus, it protects more sensitive and valuable data on the device.

The tech giant created and developed the Neural Networks API to act as a foundation layer for several frameworks in the likes of Caffe 2, TensorFlow Lite, and many others.

Once fully launched, the Neural Networks API will be capable of using special API chips on the unit. The best unit example is Google’s newest Pixel 2 smartphone. The said smartphone features a special chip, the Pixel Visual Core, that is said to be compatible and made for the Android 8.1 version.

Google Launches Neural Networks API In Preparation For Android 8.1

Neural Networks API seems to put a lot of workload on the device, but the tech giant made sure that several special optimizations for the Android 8.1 will be introduced. This is through the Android Go, a lightweight version of Android for devices which run low storage of memory.

The Android Go is best for low-specification devices with bad network connectivity. The said update is concentrated on running for smartphones and other Android units that are less than 1 GB of RAM and is also compatible with devices that are powered by Android 8.1 or later.

Aside from these updates, the Android 8.1 will also bring the Autofill function. It features a better and easier password manager to be utilized in the new framework.

The Android 8.1 is coming to all Android users this December 2017. Currently, the beta version of the update is available.


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