Google is the default search engine for almost everybody. It’s simple to use. All you have to is write your search query in the search bar or in the URL bar of your Chrome browser.Search isn’t the end of it, though. There are, in fact, many other things that you can do with Google, including a number you can do right from the search bar. You can set appointments, look for definitions, and even research old newspaper archives. The functionality of Google is almost unlimited, but many people aren’t aware of just how to use it to make their lives easier.

These are five Google hacks that are going to help you with a variety of different things, because Google isn’t just there to help you search for the information you need. These tricks can make using Google even more useful. Since the site is so easy to use, the hard part is probably remembering all of these!Searching With GoogleThere are several ways in which you can optimize your Google search experience. The first one is to use quotes around your search term. If you’re looking for something specific, particularly if it’s a combination of words, then you want may want to use quotation marks around the sentence you’re searching for. For instance, you may want to type “average whale lifespan” rather than average whale lifespan. This is especially useful when you’re looking for quotes and who they might be attributed to.

You can also search within a site. For instance, you might want to search for articles about the royal wedding, but only on the official BBC website. To manage this, all you would have to type is:Royal wedding site:bbc.comThat will bring up all the results about the royal wedding on this particular website.Perhaps you don’t want to search within any particular website but instead want to search for websites that are similar to a site you love. To do that, all you have to do is type The results will all be related to the site you’re interested in.If you want to look for something more specialized, you can do that by typing certain words in the search bar. You can use allintitle: to look for words that are in the title of a particular article, allintext: to look for pages where the words you’re searching for appear in the text, and intext: with another search word for words that appear in the text but not necessarily in the title.

For instance, if you type something like:Gordon Ramsay intext:”Kitchen Nightmares”All the results will come back with Gordon Ramsay in the title or text and with the words “Kitchen Nightmares” somewhere in the text.If you’re looking for something in a certain price range, you can put two periods between the range of price after you have searched for the product. For instance, you might look for “Grills 200..500” and Google will show you a range of articles for sale nearby. You can do the same thing with numbers and even dates, as well as units of measurement.You can also use AND or OR. The words need to be capitalized. If you use AND, the results will show you only results with both terms, whereas using OR will get you results that include one or both of the terms.You can also narrow down where your results are from by adding location:yourcity to the end of your search. Google takes into account your current location when you’re looking for something like events or places to eat, but you can research other cities like this.

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You can also look for certain filetypes on Google. All you have to do is type “filetype:doc” or “filetype:jpg”. Basically, as long as you know which file type you are looking for, Google will show you results that only include that file type.You can even ask Google what your IP is by simply typing the words “what’s my IP” into the search bar. If you’re attempting to use a proxy service, then this can prove especially useful.

Making Plans With Google

There are several ways in which you can make plans with Google. If you want to avoid a long line, you can simply search for a restaurant and Google will tell you both a rating and how busy you can expect it to be at a particular time.You can see how people have rated the restaurant on a scale from one star to five stars and whether a restaurant is popular. You can click on the bars to check how long you would have to wait to be seated.

You can also just type the word “events” into Google search and it will come up with various events happening near you. You can click on each event to find more information about it, including the time it’s on and the venue. Clicking on one of these events usually shows information about the cost of tickets.You can also search for “make an appointment” and Google will do it for you. When you search for that phrase, Google will prompt you to go to your calendar and you can make an appointment there.If you want to know when you can go see a movie, all you have to do is type the title of the movie in the search bar. That will bring up results that include a local theater where the movie is being shown and its showtimes. If Google doesn’t know where you are or you are using the page without logging in, all you have to do is add the zip code where you’re located. You can also type the name of a movie, game or even play and the words “release date” after it and Google will show you when it will be launched.

If you’re making plans to go see your favorite team — or maybe to have a sports party at home — all you have to do is type in the name of your team. Google will show you when they are playing next and their current scores, as well as their win percentage and even their upcoming games. This is very useful if you’re following the World Cup, for instance. If you really like sports, you can find what a team’s mascot is called by Googling the team’s name followed by the word “mascot.”If you’re planning to do some hiking but don’t want to be out after dark, you can just Google “sunset” for the local time. At the other end of the day you can Google “sunrise,” if you plan to be up early for something but you need sunlight to do it.You can also type in the number of a flight and Google will tell you when it is due to depart and when it is due to arrive as well as whether it is on time or delayed. If you’re looking for flight prices, you can simply Google “flights from location to location” and Google will tell you help you search for the best flights available for your trip.Google can even help you pick the breed of dog that is right for your family. You can type any dog breed with the word “temperament” after it and Google will tell you what the dog’s breed is known for. For instance, if you type “Labrador temperament,” you get kind, gentle, trusting, outgoing, agile, intelligent and even-tempered as its defining traits.If you’re waiting for a package, all you have to do is Google the tracking number. Right then and there, Google will tell you exactly when it is due.

Having Fun With Google

There are plenty of Easter eggs to play around with on Google. It doesn’t all have to be work. Because the search engine has been around for so long, many programmers have worked in their own Easter eggs and they continue to be fun and engaging.

If you Google “Askew”, the entire page will be tilted to the right. If you Google “recursion,” then Google will ask you if you meant “recursion,” which is very clever since recursion is “the repeated application of a recursive procedure or definition.”You can get Google to do a barrel roll by typing the words “do a barrel roll” into the search bar. You can also type “tic tac toe” into the search bar and suddenly you’ll be playing tic tac toe against an AI unit, all thanks to Google. This is perfect for when you need to wait.You can also go into your account setting to find some fun languages you weren’t expecting to find. You can add Pirate as one of your account languages or you can add 1337. As long as you understand it, it can be a pretty cool way to brighten up your day.

Using Google With Numbers

There are plenty of ways in which you can use Google for numbers. You can type a very long number with an equal sign and the word “English” after it for Google to tell you how it would read that number. For instance, when I typed “84354564=English” it told me that it was eighty-four million three hundred fifty-four thousand five hundred sixty-four.

If you type “once in a blue moon,” Google will tell you exactly when that happens. It’s 1.16699016 × 10-8 hertz. That’s because blue moons happen every 2.71 years.You can also use your Google search bar to do simple calculations, including addition, multiplication and division. You can do many complex things directly in the bar, but Google search will also bring up a calculator that allows you to do more difficult arithmetic right in your browser. You can even get Google to do a graph — all you have to do is add the words “graph” before your calculation and Google will show you one as well as the result.

You can even get Google to generate a very complex 3D graph for you. You just have to type a very complex equation. Once generated, you can even move the graph around in order to have a closer look at it.It is possible to do inch to meter conversions, miles to kilometers conversion, feet to centimeter conversion and other measurement conversions right in the search bar, simply by typing a number and unit, an equal signs, and another unit.

You can also convert currency by typing the amount, the currency and then the currency you want to convert your money to. For instance, you might type something like “100 GDP to USD”, but the words ‘pounds’ and ‘dollars’ work just as well.You can also check stock prices by looking for the company’s stock name on your Google search bar. If you don’t know the name, you can always Google it!

Using Google With Words

There are many ways to use Google for researching words. If you want to know where a word came from, you can just type the word and then put the term “etymology” right after it. If you type only a single word, Google will tell you both what the word means, how to pronounce it (all you have to do is click on the little speaker sign next to the phonetic spelling of the word) and even give you synonyms. If it doesn’t do that, just type in the word “definition” after you have typed in your query.

 For fun, if you Google “anagram,” it will ask you “did you mean: nag a ram”.These are some of the most interesting Google hacks you can use, but the functionality of Google is almost unlimited and there are a lot of things to discover. For instance, Google is able to send you reminders of when your bills are due and you can even play trivia games with Google assistant, among other things.There are plenty of hacks to discover and plenty more being added all the time. You’re sure to discover some new ones just by using Google.


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