DENVER, Colo. – Global Aerospace Corporation will be announcing its unmanned spacecraft Pluto mission during the opening of the 2017 NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Symposium in Denver, Colorado on Monday, September 25.

The concept that will be presented is a project by the Global Aerospace Corporation funded by the NIAC. The goal is to hop from one frozen spot on the planet to another. The mission called ‘Pluto Hop, Skip, and Jump’ will help explore the planet even when it has low gravity.

Dr. Benjamin Goldman, the Phase I NIAC’s principal investigator, explained that the atmosphere extends a thousand miles on the surface. He added that a large quantity of kinetic energy through aerodynamic drag would be ideal for the unmanned Pluto expedition.

Global Aerospace Corporation to Announce Pluto Spacecraft Mission

Because it is kinetic, the lander will hop every hundred kilometers in one bound. It will study the distant planet’s history, outgassing process, geomorphology based on its surface, and temperature. The spacecraft will also be collecting samples from the cold planet to its laboratory inside.

If the concept is accepted, it will become a part of the New Frontiers program by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Furthermore, the technology that will be used for the spacecraft will also be helped in putting a long-term device that would revolve Pluto for further studies.

ILC Dover, an American company specializing in engineering development, works with GAC to further enhance the Pluto project. At the moment, the concept is in the initial testing on the physics behind it. The next step will be designing and fabricating a prototype that would then be tested on Earth. If deemed successful, the creators would then start working on the full version.

The Global Aerospace Corporation will be reporting the results of its preliminary tests as one of the highlights of NIAC’s opening day.


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