G-Technology G-Drive Mobile USB-C Review 2018

Excellent portable external hard drive for Mac users


For those users who tend to collect a lot of data, or work on multiple platforms and computers, a good external hard drive is a must have, and in my opinion, you can`t work without one in these modern times. Personally, I encounter a lot of different external drives in my daily life, as I use and have to use them a lot, so I know what it means for having a great one, a bad one and of course few times imminent “data loss.”


This time we are looking at G-Technology G-Drive Mobile. For me, this was the first time I encounter G-Technology hard drive, so I was intrigued by its performance and overall capabilities. Others like to just run a few tests on them to show you its performance, but personally, I like to use them in daily for some time, for more accurate review.

The G-Tech G-Drive Mobile USB-C is available in only one model – 1 terabyte, but it comes in four different colors similar to the iPhone (Silver, Gold, Space Gray and Roze Gold) for those who like to keep their work tables clean. For its size, it is quite small measuring 12.9 by 82 by 129 mm and weighs just 167 grams.

Breakdown of the G-Drive Mobile features.

First of all, G-Drive Mobile does not come with any backup software, but Mac OS and Windows itself come with great built-in tools for backup. Out of the box, G-Drives is preformatted in HFS+ system, making it clear it was made for Mac users.  You can use it right away with Mac running Mac OS X 10.9 or later, but do not be scared, cause PC users are not out of luck. It can be easily reformatted to NTFS file system. For Windows users, it is compatible with Windows 7 or later OS. For cables, it comes with one USB-C and one USB-C to USB 3.0 cable making it so you can use it with older computers which lack USB-C, and of course, it is USB 3.1 compatible. It has a 3-year warranty and unlimited free technical support.  

First Impression

First time viewing the drive, I thought that I would see a drive with one USB-C type cable and that’s it. But by my surprise, G-Technology did a great job thinking about older USB 3.0 and added the second cable that was USB-C to USB 3.0, and in my view, that was a small victory for them. With this little gesture, I felt like they are thinking about consumers, and that they know that users may encounter computers which lack the type-C ports.

Of course, immediately I went for my primary workstation which runs on Windows 10 and plugged it in. But by another surprise, the external hard drive was preformatted in HFS+. And by me being me, I skipped that information in the beginning, although it was not a drawback or anything because it was straightforward and quick to reformat it to the NTFS system.
From the design perspective, the G-Drive aluminum casing is not making a huge scream when sitting on the desk, as it is pleasing to the eyes without any flashy design feature.

I had the Space Gray model, which placed next to a Mac Pro looked excellent and seemed just as an add-on for the computer. And the small size made it easy to carry around, and it did not take a lot of space on the table thanks to its compact size.

G-Drive is great to have around the house, or work but with the aluminum casing it would seem that it could survive a lot more, but don’t be fooled, G-Drive Mobile is not made to get a lot of beating, or any beating at all. It will survive a drop or a fall from some height (as I did test it with my clumsiness once again).

CapacityRead/Write Speeds, Avg *
G Drive Mobile1TB112MB/s / 125MB/s
WD My Passport1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB80MB/s / 79MB/s
Seagate Backup Plus Ultra1TB, 2TB84MB/s / 79MB/s
Samsung T3250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB421MB/s / 372MB/s

For some comparison, I placed the G-Drive Mobile next to few other external drives, all of whom you can check out at this article.


Advantages of the G-Drive

Probably the first advantage in my eyes is the small compact size, although it is not the smallest external drive out there, it still made me appreciate the smaller things, and as it weighs only 167 grams, it is light too. The size of it was great because I could easily fit it any backpack, laptop bag or even my cars smaller pockets no matter how they were packed, and that made it easy to carry around.

The second advantage probably is its performance. As G-Technology advertised it, the G-Drive is capable of reaching the speeds up to 136 MB/S, and as a rare result, it did it, mostly. Of course, on average it did perform at a bit lower speeds, but that was max -10 MB/S less than advertised. I felt like G-Tech did not false advertise their product (running with USB-C), and when plugged into USB-C to USB 3.0 it as expected did drop some speed, and that is okay.


Disadvantaged of the G-Drive

From disadvantages, again I did not have many things to blame or shame them, cause G-Drive does its job well.

Mostly it would be that it did not come with any backup software, but it is a really small disadvantage, secondly when speaking about the lack of software features the lack of cloud storage was a shame too. The lack of near communication security and 256-bit AES security was the biggest disadvantage in my view considering its high price, as I felt that you are overpaying for it.

• Great design
• Type-C connector
• No need for external power cable
• Great performance
• The price
• Lack of backup software
• Lack of security features


G-Technology G-Drive Mobile USB-C is a great external hard drive, with a pleasing design and great performance both on Mac OS and Windows. But be sure that it is made for Apple users, as from the preformatted in HFS+ and the design works the best next to Mac Pro. It is a great substitute in any medium-range external drives, although the price is kind of high when looking at the lack of software and security it comes with.


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