Top 10 Funniest Pizza Wheelers for Real Pizza Fans


No matter whether you’re old or young, it’s a fact that every one of us is a huge fan of Pizza. Pizza is one of the most consumed cuisines all over the world and even though cutting a pizza is just a boring and mundane task, it can be quite fun if you have a cool yet funny pizza cutter. It’s a known fact that a pizza wheeler or cutter is a must-have utility for your kitchen. If you’re wondering where and which pizza cutter you should buy, then hold on to your pizza’s because we have compiled a list of Top 10 Funniest Pizza Wheelers from across the internet. So sit back and relax and go through the list to find the best pizza wheeler for you.

10. Lloyd Pans Pizza Cutter the Equalizer

 Lloyd Pans Pizza Cutter the Equalizer

One of the funniest pizza cutters on our list, imagine having a couple of friends over for dinner, keeping a Lloyd Pans Pizza Cutter will surely make them burst out laughing. Although quite funny this pizza cutter can cut perfectly equal Slices fast. The Lloyd Pans Pizza cutter is made up of durable stainless steel.


9. Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter

 Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter

We finally have a weapon worthy of slicing pizza which has given us an advantage in the war against the uneven slices, The Laser-Guided Pizza cutter is exactly what the name suggests. One of the most heavy-duty yet fun pizza cutters in the market, it comes with a detachable laser, so you can clean later. Not only is it a great utility to have in the kitchen but it can also be a great gift for your friends and loved ones.


8. Rocket Top Spin Pizza Cutter

Rocket Top Spin Pizza Cutter

Made from Nylon and ABS silicon, The Rocket Top Spin Pizza cutter has made our list of top 10 due to its innovative yet peculiar design. The Rocket Top Spin Pizza cutter has a sharp blade coated with stainless steel, which is quite heavy-duty and does not break that easily.


7. Pete the Pizza Cutter Man

 Pete the Pizza Cutter Man

One of the major problems with pizza cutters is that they always get misplaced in the kitchen. But with Pete the Pizza Cutter man you won’t have that problem because it comes with a cool stand. Quite amusing to look at, this pizza cutter is not only effective but very stylish. Pete the Pizza Cutter man can be purchased for only $34.98.


6. Dream farm Scizza 12-Inch Pizza Scissors

Dream farm Scizza 12-Inch Pizza Scissors

One of the most reliable pizza cutters on the market, The Scizza Pizza Scissors have a unique scissor-like design which set them apart from other alternates. Very easy to use with a funny look, these can be a great gift. The cut is less messy than the rest of the pizza wheelers also very efficient.


5. Besiva Pizza Cutter

Besiva Pizza Cutter

Stylish, Innovative and efficient can be used to describe this new item on our list. Besiva pizza cutter is shaped like a bicycle which can, not only be used to cut pizza but also as a display item which looks very stylish in your kitchen. It can also be a great Christmas present. Available for a mere price of $29.99, so better grab your wallets and get shopping.


4. Star Wars Pizza Cutter

Star Wars Pizza Cutter

Shaped like the beloved Star Wars Droid BB-8 this pizza cutter can be a great gift for any Star Wars fan. It has a stainless-steel cutting wheel and is officially licensed under the Star Wars trademark.


3. Fred PIZZA PEDDLER Monkey


Shaped like a monkey on a unicycle Fred Pizza Peddler monkey is one of the funniest and amusing pizza cutters on this list. It is equipped with a stainless-steel blade which cuts pizza like butter and a silicone handle which is quite comfortable to hold.


2. Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise D Pizza Cutter

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise D Pizza Cutter

This is the best gift for all the Trekkies out there, designed to look like the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D from star trek this pizza cutter is made up of chromium-plated body and stainless-steel blade of about 4 inches diameter. That makes it one of the most efficient pizza cutters out there.


1. Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

There is a reason why Kitchy Cutter Wheel has topped our list of Top 10. The reason being that it slices away any pizza like a pro, easy to use, with a sharp blade it can fit into your palm comfortably yet perfectly making it easier and fun to slice pizzas. Not only is it dishwasher safe but it also comes with a money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.



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