Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, better known as GRAW 2, has good game add ons listed in the XBOX Live marketplace. These are able to be downloaded into any XBOX 360 with a (free) silver account.

The add ons can be queued up in an online account to be downloaded the next time the xbox 360 is on and connected to the internet, or straight from the marketplace interface on the xbox 360. Either way, these are the GRAW 2 game add ons available currently through the XBOX Live marketplace.

Ghost Recon 2 Xbox 360

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GRAW2 More Guns Pack

It puts eight more weapons into the game. While most game add ons are for multiplayer, this add on pack will give the weapons to your single player arsenal. Very nice for those that prefer going it alone instead of multiplayer gaming.

GRAW2 Throwback Pack

It will redo seven of the top fan favorite maps from the Ghost Recon game. This is great to have seven “new” maps to play, and it’s nice to see some of the old standbys redone to work in the new game platform. The maps are Bonfires, Desert Gulch, Fishing Village, Jungle Mines, Mountain Base, Mountain Falls, and Peninsula.

GRAW2 Throwback Pack 2

This one is 583 MB in size. It adds seven more maps that come from Ghost Recon (like Ghost Town and Aral Sea), and it adds a new game mode called Co-op Exfiltration. The maps are all current to specs from the GRAW2 game, so they aren’t going to look like the old maps visually, just laid out the same.

Game Information

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 is from Ubisoft and is classified as a strategy/sim/shooter game. It is rated T for Teen by the ESRB rating system for Blood, Violence, and Language. It has a single player mode and both a 2-16 player system link and a 2-16 player online multiplayer mode.

The online mode has a voice teamspeak system and a leaderboard set up. This game is the sequel to Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter 2, and takes place a day after that game in the year 2014. It has sold well over a million copies, and was named Game Informer’s Game of the Year.


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