Petunias have one of the longest flowering seasons from mid-spring to late fall. It is very difficult to grow petunias from seeds indoors, so your best bet is to buy young plants. Grow them in containers or place in sunny locations after frost has passed. Make sure to set them in well-draining beds.

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Gaillardias, North American natives never get tired and are blooming all season. They are great for filling up less frequent garden areas. And they seem to grow even better in poor soil.


Zinnias are reliable summer bloomers and they love warmth. They can fill up your home garden with very long lasting flowers in jewel colors. They vary from single flower zinnias to pom-pom type zinnias. The hybrid zinnias are great because they keep blooming long into fall. They need regular feeding and watering, they will flourish in hot weather. All zinnias love sunny locations.


They are commonly called as Thickseeds. They start to appear at the end of the spring and flourish non stop until the fall. The deadheading will definitely ensure more flowers. They love sunny locations as much as most summer flowers.


Dahlias are making a big comeback, now you can choose from small daisy flowering bedding dahlias to big dinner plate dahlias. There are endless variations in colors and sizes. By starting them for a few weeks indoors before the spring starts will ensure early summer flowers.


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