Fastest Internal Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

There are different hard disk drives and they run at different rates. Most people would want their PCs and laptops to spin at the fastest rates. For such people they have to opt for the fastest internal hard disk drives. You have to compare the various internal hard disk drives and make your choice based on your needs.

For average desktop users, they will observe that the average desktop hard drive is put at 7200 revolutions for every minute. There are different hard drive capacities such that you can even get the top capacity at 12TB and so on.

If you want to have the fastest internal disk drives, you have to pay extra money for that, because they are bound to be more expensive. Most users know that fast hard drives would entail having better storage spaces in the computer.

Unless you upgrade to the latest brands, you may resort to uninstalling some already installed programs, and that could be one of your favorite games and so on. Slow hard drives would never be an alternative, because it would slow down the operating system and it would make it to run sluggishly, wasting your time and energy. The best way to get that problem solved is by acquiring higher hard disk drives. If you want to get the best and the fastest internal hard disk drives, you have to think of the mechanical hard disks.

SSD vs HDD vs SSHDMost people still prefer it to the other types because of its unique values. The benefit that you can get from this type of hard disk drive is that it can offer enough storage spaces, but when it comes to fastness, many people would opt for the SSD. Many people use two drive setup – SSD (make sure to see our Best and Fastest SSD list) for the operating system and programs that need to work as fast as possible and traditional HDD for storing data like photos and documents. These days, there are hybrid drives(check out our Best SSHD article) and this means that it contains the good element of mechanical and SSDs.

Modern internal hard disk drives are better

There are many innovations in hard disk drives. Modern drives are bound to be better in terms of performance, capacity, and reliability. They even provide more storage capacity and most importantly, they are faster. This means that if you are looking for the fastest hard drive disks you have to focus on modern products. You can get one that can provide as much as much as 12TB. You would expect that these modern ones are going to better and faster.


The fastest internal Hard Disk Drives


As said earlier, if you are looking for the best and fastest drive you have to look for the most modern products, this is where you can get them. If the reviews on the internet are anything to go by, it appears that the fastest and the most reliable HDD today is the Barracuda PRO HDD, which was released by a company renowned for high-quality products that is Seagate. This product can boast of up to 10TB storage capacity. This drive is not just for anybody. It is meant for those looking for the best and that includes the elites and professionals.
We can say that the Barracuda PRO HDD is the most elite hard disk drives on the market, and this is meant for professionals. There are other superior quality and equally fast hard disk drives out there, which can be used.

If you are searching for the best internal desktop hard drives, here are some of our recommendations. There may be others; we decided to choose these ones after considering some important factors, which you will later in the course of this work.

Western Digital HDD products

WD Desktop BlackWD Black 2TB

This is one of the fastest internal hard disk drives you can get on the market today. This is meant to give a boost to heavy computers, especially those that are engaging in huge computing tasks. This is the ideal for those people looking for the fastest running internal disks, and those that want big storage space in their operating systems. Apart from the fact that the system provides the best in terms of storage space, it is one of the fastest, as it does not slow down your operating system irrespective of the tasks that you want to carry out with your operating system. Most importantly, the hard drive is not very expensive, and it is good for those who are looking for the most affordable hybrid drives.

Why exactly WD black? Because WD Black hard drives are designed for desktop PC and power users who demand performance, with a variety of upgrade options available. See our article about Western Digital HDD Colors for more information.

There are different models of this hard disk and the most common among them include the 6tb and the 5tb models. The 6tb model is the newest release. Apart from that, these new latest models on the market offer the most improved and the best digital internal storage facility. Because of that, these two latest models are described as the best and the fastest 6tb and 5tb internal hard drive disks available for consumers in the world today.

WD has other alternatives such as 4tb capacity and this is good for the average users. Because of the efficacy of these products, the company offers two years minimum warranty for the hard drives. The other mainstream options from the company include the WD Blue SSHD, WD Desktop Performance, and the WD Desktop Mainstream. All these are 4tb internal hard disk drives.
WD hard disk drives are meant for performance and for those who want capacity. This is perfect for constant use and it is meant for those who engage in gaming, hobbyists, as well as video and photo editors and so on. The brand offers unique read and write speeds, and it is available in at least six different capacities, which include 1tb, 2tb, and up to 6tb capacity. This drive can boast of many years warranty. As already said the spin speed is about 7200RPM and the cache size is put at 128MB.

It is obvious from the popular reviews on the internet that this is the fastest internal hard disk drives. It is meant for the next generation desktop performance, and it is designed to offer maximum experience from your computer.

This hard disk has an improved architectural design as it uses a dual core processor, as well as high-resolution controller and stable track technology and so on. Most important it offers an improved data protection, and it does that with vibration control. To show that HDD is safe to use it features corrupt protection device, and does not feature touch ramp load technology, and several other interesting features.

Seagate HDD products

Another good company to reckon with when it comes to high capacity and high performance hard disk drives includes the Seagate Technology. The company is based in America; it has made impact all over the world when it comes to the hard disk drives and accessories. The company has helped business to grow by developing state of the art internal storage facilities, which have helped companies across the globe to share as well as create and preserve their very important data and documents. The company has its share when it comes to the manufacture of the fast internal hard disk drives.

Seagate EnterpriseSeagate Enterprise HDD

For more than a year, this internal storage facility has dominated the world until the release of WD Black 6tb. The product has a reputation of being very fast, and it is assumed at least twenty-five percent more effective when compared to most of its competitors in the market then. The disk can boast of an operating speed of about 7200RPM. There are different variations of Seagate V.4 products. It is available in 2tb, 4tb, 5tb, as well as 6tb. The various products can be purchased with different connectivity options such as 6 GB/s, as well as 12 GB SATA connectivity. Because of this, it can be easily integrated with various operating systems.

Over the years, Seagate has other options for mainstream users, and these are always in the region of 4tb and they enjoy at least two years warranty. This attests to the quality of such products. Here are some of the mainstream products from the company and they are as follows: Seagate desktop SSHD, Seagate Desktop HDD, and so on. These are superior hard drives and they are very fast.
Seagate HDD has an edge over others because of power efficiency and fastness. It can be used for lots of operating systems, which include personal computers and Mac, as well as network attached storages and PC based game systems and home networks. You can observe from more than six thousand reviews on Amazon that this is a very popular drive and the popularity stems from the fact that it fast and efficient hard disk drives.

Toshiba HDD products

Another leading brand in the world today when it comes to the hard disk drives production is the company known as Toshiba. The company is currently based in Japan, but its products are used in different parts of the world. The company has diversified its production including communication equipment and products that are related to information technology. When it comes to the production of different kinds of hard drives, there are various products from the company.

Toshiba X300

Toshiba HDD
This is another reputable product from the company. This is a good product and it is meant for high-end users. For instance, if you are actively engaged in gaming and graphic design, this is the most suitable internal hard disk drives that you can use. The system has an edge over similar products and that is why high end users that attach a premium on reliability and performance would always opt for this high graded product. It is such fast and very reliable that you can handle even the most difficult computing tasks without difficulties. The system can offer as much as 6tb internal storage capacity. Apart from that, there are other great features in this product, which stand it out such as data protection features. This ensures that items stored in the system would never get lost and that you would never miss such important data. This is in addition to the fact that the product enjoys two years warranty.

There are other mainstream options from the company and this is meant for those consumers that cannot be described as high-end users. These alternatives are good, as you are assured of high performance with any of the mainstream products that you decide to use. Usually these mainstream products enjoy two years warranty and they can boast of a minimum of 4tb internal storage capacity. Here are some of them, which you can resort to if you want a fast and high performance hard disk drives. The most common among them is the Toshiba P300 Desktop HDD.

Why these few products were singled out

These are some of the best and the fastest internal hard disk drives that you can lay your hands on the market today. This information is necessary, because it would be extremely difficult for many people to make their choice especially beginners. Even advanced and professional users may not find it easy to make that choice. This guide is formulated to assist users in knowing what obtains in the market and make their choice when it comes to hard disk drives.

Why the choice is restricted
Choosing your HDD


It is not easy to make a choice because there are various kinds of hard drive disks on the market and these do not perform the same way, because of that, it is not simple for users to decide, which one to use and which not to use. Moreover, some of these HDDs are unreliable and that means that they cannot be trusted and they can disappoint at anytime even when you least expect it. Apart from the fact that many of the HDD products on the market today are obsolete and this means, that they are not relevant to the modern needs. The worst is that even those considered as modern HDDs are not up to the required standard and they can equally disappoint. Because of that, information like this one provided here could be useful and they are beneficial to the high-end consumers who want the fastest internal hard disk drives out there to perform their numerous tasks.

Enterprise hard drives and Mainstream hard drives

You can observe from the analysis above that there are two prominent classes of hard disk drives and they include the enterprise and the mainstream. The first categories are meant for the benefit of the enterprise, and it is not meant for the regular users. It is such powerful and fast that regular users do not need it. However, such regular users can always make do with the mainstream counterparts because that can easily fit in to their various tasks. These are equally good and they can always meet your expectations when it comes to price, speed, and high performance.

These and other types of hard disks are available in the market and with little or no information out there, it would become difficult for the average user to make an informed choice. This is another reason information provided here is going to become beneficial to the users of such products. Any user who accesses this information would no longer find it hard to make the correct choice as regards the fastest and the best hard disk drives on the market.

The information provided here is very useful because it provides adequate and reliable knowledge about the fastest internal hard disk drives. It arranges the various brands on the market and classifies them on their highest performance level, and this makes it easier for anybody to make a choice without difficulties. Moreover, one can easily distinguish between the mainstream and enterprise hard disk drives as well as know those factors that set them apart from various others on the market.


ListThere are important specifications and components that are common to all types of hard disk drives. However, there are always factors that make some hard disk drives to perform better than others do. Some of the common specifications that you can obtain in all hard drives include the following:

Meant for internal desktop storage and has a 3.5-inch form factor: the first thing that you should know when we talk about these fastest internal hard disk drives is that they are meant for desktop computers. The implication of this is that you cannot use it for laptop computers. Moreover, they cannot be used for any portable external storage purposes. What it means is that emphasis here is solely on desktop computers and nothing more.

  • SATA III interface powered: another important factor that you must understand here is that the analysis is restricted to the SATA III interface. This means that the analyses here are not extended to all types of hard drives. It only concerns the consumer level hard drives and that is why it does not contain information on SCSI form and this is form is specifically for enterprise space only. In the same way, the analysis here does not include those obsolete interfaces such as IDE and it does not even include the earlier versions of the SATA technology. The latest technology and that is the SATA III is equipped with the best features and that is why they would always perform very fast and they are designed to solve the various end users computing problems.
  • Manufactured after 2013: the review here concentrated on those modern hard disk drives that were manufactured from 2013 upwards. This means that the drives must be manufactured after 2013. The aim here is to ensure that the hard disks are designed with the latest computing technology. This is the place that you can always get the best when it comes to performance and reliability.
  • Two years warranty: when considering the various brands on the market, the analysis was equally based on the minimum of two years warranty. This indicates the confidence, which manufacturers have for their hard disk drives. This is an attempt to ensure that only the best is brought to the attention of the end users.
  • 1TB Capacity: Moreover, you can observe that most of the items we have listed above have their capacity above 1TB. This is good for regular users. There are several of such products; they are up to 2tb and 3tb as well as 4tb. 1tb is enough for the average user as most of the computing jobs can be done within that speed. The most important thing is that the hard disk should have enough storage space.
Popular brands

The internal hard drives reviewed here are from reputable companies. You are sure of the quality of the hard disc when you buy one. Though there are numerous entrants to that industry, it is not in the best interests of users to resort to trial and error in this type of project, and that is why the emphasis was on the best and reputable brands on the industry. This implies that all the brands in the industry were represented, but the most popular and reliable brands are reviewed. Unknown brands are never authorized.

These are the fastest internal hard disk drives that you can get from the market. These brands deliver on their promises as you can see that they are manufactured from the best manufacturers in the world. When you use any of them, you are certain of efficiency, performance, reliance, and speed. They are all recommended.


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