PlayStation 4 has been out for a while. It still runs great and offers tons of features like VR and ability to run all latest games. On November 10, 2016, there was an upgrade – Sony launched PlayStation 4 PRO version which was an improved version of standard PS4 offering better performance, 4K gaming, HDR and much more. It’s no lie Sony is working on their next generation console, even more, when Xbox One X (Scorpio) project is just around the corner being launched on November 7, 2017. When Xbox One X is out, the most consumers will get it instead of PlayStation because of its way superior hardware. However, while nothing is officially announced, there are rumors that Sony will launch their new generation console in near future. Let’s find out what we already know.

When will PS5 be launched, a release date?

Sony hasn’t told anything about the new generation console. However, there are many rumors about possible release dates. However, we believe it won’t be sooner than in 2 years. For example, Sony PS4 was launched in 2013. All previous Sony’s consoles showed up with six years in between. This means that the most likely release date would be in 2019.

Also, we have to keep in mind that PS4 is currently the best selling console on the market (although it will most likely change with Xbox One X arrival). About 20 million units were sold last year. Because of this, it wouldn’t make much sense to announce PS5 while PS4 is still selling strong.PS4 Pro packaging

Perhaps Sony is waiting for the right time to enter the market. After 2 years or so, 4k TV’s might become more persistent in households, technology might be there that you could play games in native 4k resolution and also for economic reasons.

We think quite the same as Trusted Reviews. Our guess is that PlayStation 5 won’t be announced in 2018 but in 2019 or 2020. Most likely in 2019. Sony definitely is waiting for the right time both technologically and economically. And when it comes, Sony will be there with the most capable console up to date. Of course, if the Microsoft already won’t be one step ahead.

Hardware and Specifications

Probably the first thing people want to know about a new generation console, technology, and products is their performance and specifications. Again, while Sony hasn’t officially announced anything, we can only speculate. However, we are waiting for a console that will offer even better performance than upcoming Xbox One X.

Above you can see a comparison of all released or upcoming consoles. As you can see Xbox One X is quite impressive with its 12GB of DDR5 memory and eight core 2.3 GHz CPU. If PlayStation 5 is launched two years after Xbox One X launch, it will most likely have the way more superior hardware.Xbox One X motherboard

However, we also have to keep in mind that console manufacturers have to keep a balance between performance and manufacturing costs. Therefore, it’s hard to even talk about possible figures. One thing is for sure – it will be the best performing console up to date, but how it will be achieved? With better hardware – GPU, CPU? Or with efficient resource organization – less powerful but better-performing console? Time will tell.

How PlayStation 5 will look like?

Just like every tech is getting slimmer and slimmer, same goes for consoles. Each new PlayStation or Xbox One console that’s made is smaller and smaller than the predecessor. Nowadays it’s even more actual, because of cloud computing that enables you to stream games, dimensions of components get smaller and smaller. Consoles are moving towards PC hardware as developers want to make games with lowest possible effort.

The next question is about storage. Until now we have gotten a 500GB or 1TB versions with mechanical drives. As PS5 will be 4k capable, games will take up a lot more space than 1080p ones. We highly doubt that there will be an SSD as it’s way too expensive. Most likely we will see a cloud storage or usual hard disk drive. And of course, PS5 should be compatible with external hard drives as PS4 is now.

How real is game streaming?

Having no actual massive storage device on your console would definitely lower its manufacturing price as well as make it slimmer. However, how real the possibility is that this can be present is next generation PlayStation console?PlayStation Now

Streaming games to your PS5 would solve a lot of problems. Already there’s a platform called PlayStation Now. With it, you can directly play games from the cloud without having to worry about downloading time and hard drive space. However, it’s missing a lot of games and you have to pay a monthly subscription. So great, will PS5 will be like that? Well, it’s hard to tell as there are some difficulties.

One of the issues with game streaming is broadband speeds. A 4k TV requires at least 25Mbps broadband for good, smooth streaming. However, for PlayStation 5 to be as successful as PS4, it would have to have a conventional way to play games.

What about PS5 Backwards compatibility?

One of the main consumer concerns is about compatibility. It can be quite frustrating if you buy a console and all your bought games are lost because you can’t play them anymore. At the launch of the PS4 Pro, it was clarified that Pro version is not the start of entirely new console generation so all games that worked on PS4 will work just fine on PS4 Pro. The same goes for upcoming Xbox One X – you will be able to play all Xbox One games on it. However, PlayStation 5 would be a new generation – what now? On previously mentioned PlayStation Now, you can play old PS2 and PS3 games, maybe they would implement something similar.

One thing is for sure, PS5 have to offer backwards compatibility with all PS4 game titles.

Will there be optical discs?

Since the beginning of time gaming consoles have had optical disks. However, nowadays digital game downloads destroy physical disc market. It’s enviable that it’s only the question of time when consoles will become diskless.PlayStation Discs

However, is this is the case with PS5? We believe it’s not. Disks are still quite popular as you own something physical that you can resell if necessary. Sony received a lot of complaints about not placing 4k Blu-ray drive in their PS4 Pro console.

How much will PS5 cost?

While it’s way too early to speak about possible pricing as we don’t know specifications, hardware – basically anything, we can only speculate and guess.

We can take Microsoft’s Xbox One X as an example – while don’t know its exact price, it might be anywhere from 550-650$ which isn’t bad for the performance it offers. We also have to keep in mind that price for PS5 can’t be too high, otherwise buying a console would be no sense and PC a much wider budget gaming choice


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