Minecraft is one of the most innovative games ever to hit the video game market. Its creativity and interface allow for virtually limitless opportunities for creative minecraft cheats gameplay. If you’re already playing the game, you get now how easy it is to get sucked in. 

There is no clear objective to Minecraft, which means there is nothing you have to accomplish as in many other games. This is part of the popularity of the game. What you can and can’t do depends purely on what kind of world you dream up.

There are two different modes in Minecraft:

Creative and survival. In creative mode, everything you need to build your world is at your disposal. You don’t have to mine for ore or gather wood. Everything you need is all just there for you when you need it. There are also no enemies.

The sun rises and sets peacefully, allowing you to make whatever your brilliant mind can come up with. On the flip side in survival mode, the peace is shattered. Not only do you have to go out in search of everything you need to survive, but you also have to do so with enemies continually closing in around you. Survival mode offers true adventurers the challenges they may need to keep coming back to play the game with best motherboards for gaming.

You can spend days building your perfect Minecraft domain, fending off creepers, zombies, skeletons and spiders. Taking your game to the next level may be aided by the use of minecraft cheats.

These are methods created by users or the game’s creators to give an advantage or hinder a player well outside the usual terms of the game. Since Minecraft is such a far-reaching game, many cheats have been created to help or hurt your gameplay. 

Essential Minecraft cheats to take your game to the next level

Enabling the Cheats Below

Because Minecraft is played across all platforms, enabling cheats differs for each one. This article is limited; therefore, all activation nodes won’t be discussed.

Instead, this is a general list that describes what the minecraft cheats is trying to accomplish and how to use it to enhance your gameplay effectively. You can find your specific platform’s cheat activation mode online and also read the Ezvid Screen Recorder Review. There are plenty of places to help you get going.

Stop Time

This cheat does just what it says. It allows you to freeze time around you, letting you keep moving while the game around you stops. This affords an opportunity for escape in a tricky situation.

Since Minecraft has a day and night cycle, being able to prevent the day from turning to night and vice versa can help you get done things you can only do at certain times of the day. You can even stop time at a specific hour.

Keep Inventory After Death

​If you are prone to succumbing to a sneak attack or two, this cheat may help save your sanity. When you die you lose any items you’ve collected that are part of your inventory. 

You can either frequently store your items in chests to keep from losing them, or, in the alternative, you can carry them and risk losing them. If you decide to deploy the keep inventory after death cheat, that concern disappears. You really can take it with you in the afterlife in Minecraft.

Change the Weather

In the game as in real life, the weather is always a factor when you’re doing almost anything. If you have crops that need to grow, and in your world, it hasn’t rained, being able to make it rain on command sure does come in handy. Likewise, if you need the sun to shine to keep your animals healthy, keeping the clouds away is essential.

​Being able to control the weather can be helpful in many ways in the Minecraft realm. You can more easily defeat certain enemies, grow crops, mine precious gems, and anything else that must be done when certain weather conditions permit.


The quickest way to get yourself from point A to B is to zap or teleport yourself there. With a cheat that can instantly pick you up from your farm and drop you in the forest to look for wood, the pace and ease of gameplay can change drastically.

Teleporting can help you when an enemy has come upon you and you are unable to defeat it with your current inventory.

It will get you to safety within seconds versus having to risk being killed and losing what you have. If you are playing the game with friends who need your help, you can teleport to their location. Think of this as the ultimate form of backup.

Instant Mine

You spend tons of time hacking away with that ax. Time, as you know is crucial in the game. What if you could get those gems or ore in one shot? Using the instant mine cheat command, what would have taken you 15 minutes or an hour will take you seconds. 

This comes in handy when you don’t have the time to spend digging. Plus, it decreases the likelihood that you will be killed by an enemy while working.

Spawning Items

Imagine if you were in need of a diamond ax to get to a massive stash of emeralds just under the surface. You know they’re there, but you can’t get to them with the inventory you currently have. You have been searching for one, trying to come up with the elements needed to make one, and you keep coming up short.

If only you could just have one magically appear in your inventory. If you use the spawning items cheat, you can make that happen. No more hunting around for hard-to-find items that are missing from your inventory. Just deploy the cheat, and they will magically appear for you. How’s that for instant gratification?

Enable Achievements

As you complete specific tasks in the game, you get rewarded with points called achievements. The more points or achievements you have, the more enhancements you can purchase. You can get the ingredients you need for need for potions. You can also use points on the enchantment table to upgrade your weapons and armor.

The enable achievements cheat increases the tasks that give you points. If you could get points from 10 functions, this cheat gives you achievements in virtually everything you do. Over time that adds up quite the stash.

Locate Dungeons Easily

Dungeons can be some of the most challenging places to find in the Minecraft world. If you need to locate an item usually only found in a dungeon, such as specific armor, enchanted books and the like, you have to be patient and dedicated. Locating a dungeon means walking around the realm until you come upon one.

Sometimes you can find maps or enchant items to help. The simplest way to find one is to use a cheat that highlights the entrance as long as you are close enough to it. Keep in mind that dragons and other dangerous predators can lurk in dungeons. This cheat won’t protect you from what you might find in the dark caves. You’ve been warned.

Creating Obsidian

In order to create obsidian, you usually need to combine lava and water or mine for it. Either way is time-consuming, taking days or longer to get what you need. The cheat helps get you what you need to have obsidian. This is important if you want to open a portal to the netherworld. In the netherworld, you get more powerful elements and oftentimes better weapons. You can make potions in the netherworld that you can’t make in the normal one. Obsidian is also useful when it comes to building a structure that is indestructible. Having the ability to create it at will or find it to mine gives you a leg up.

Breaking Bedrock

Bedrock is at the bottom of the Minecraft world. It’s the core and what the world is built on. Thus, it’s hard and powerful. It is the best rock you can find in survival mode, and if you could mine it, it creates almost indestructible blocks to build on. Unlike obsidian, it cannot be broken and drilled with a diamond ax.

In fact, there is no ordinary tool in the game sturdy enough to extract it. Using a cheat to give you access to bedrock gives you an advantage in creating structures strong enough to withstand any enemy or any force that you may come up against.

Minecraft Cheats: Final Thoughts

The popularity of Minecraft cheats are something that has only grown over the years. Since its release, it has been adopted across all platforms. Why is it so popular? The game is virtually limitless.

With some imagination, you can create a world that is unique and engaging for hours. With the essential Minecraft cheats listed here, you can have even more help creating the perfect realm to get lost in for hours and days at a time.

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