Equifax Mishap Affected Almost 11 Million US Drivers’ Licenses

Equifax Mishap Affected Almost 11 Million US Drivers’ Licenses

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Equifax, one of the preferred collection agencies in the United States, has faced an enormous hack that affected over 10.9 million of US driver’s license records. In this regard, it is quite evident that information as such was poorly managed and unsecured.

Equifax’s mismanaged security bars led to the information being hacked by online attackers. Thus, such information like driver’s license details should be one of the most secure information.

With almost 11 million users being affected by the said glitch, Equifax, on the other hand, is doing their best to make up for the said mishap.

This kind of information leak can harm users because certain information can be used against them hence may result in identity fraud. In the US, websites, banks, and other online accounts need a valid driver’s license ID. So with the said glitch, online accounts can be affected as well.

Equifax Mishap Affected Almost 11 Million US Drivers’ Licenses

Moreover, changing a license number can cost some money. Yet, a lot of people who are affected by the Equifax mishap choose to process a new one instead of waiting for the issue to be resolved.

This might be easier for them than to risk their pertinent information to some forms of hackers. More so, requesting and processing a new driver’s license with a new license number can amount to $20.

Changing your driver’s license is one of the painless things to resort to regarding the Equifax hack. What the 10.9 million users are concerned about is the chances of being a victim of identity fraud. Thus, their information might be used for unnecessary purposes.

As of the moment, Equifax is resolving all their issues regarding the said hack, and they are working on to intensify their security protection so incidents like this would not happen again.

Moreover, Equifax is trying to rebuild their credibility after that said glitch that affected their 10.9 million users.


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