The Disney Universe video game lets you control your favorite Disney characters. The game is entertaining enough for the whole family.

While wandering through my local Blockbuster, I literally stumbled across the Disney Universe video game for the Xbox 360. I tripped and when the game fell on my foot, I decided it was fate. I rented the game, just based on the information found on the back of the box and found myself hooked for hours that same night.

Disney Universe Xbox 360 packaging

Disney Universe Game Play

Disney universe Xbox 360 gameplayDisney Universe gives you the main character and the choice of different costumes. In the early stages of the game, you have access to Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, the Cheshire Cat, and other recognizable characters. When the game first starts, you only have access to one universe: Pirates of the Caribbean.

The game works by sending you into different worlds, created to look like areas from your favorite Disney movies. You battle the same villains from the movies and gather items along the way. Each world has three hidden objects and when you find all three, your score increases.

Each level in Disney Universe also comes with a hidden video game. An arcade game appears on the screen and you have one chance to play the hidden game. After beating a level, the game awards you a rank based on how well you performed.

Disney WorldsDisney unvierse pirates

After beating the Pirates of the Caribbean world, you have the chance to purchase a new world. Alice in Wonderland, The Lion King, Aladdin, Monsters Inc., and Wall-E are all available as worlds within the game.

Points in the Game

Every time you play a level, you have a chance to collect coins or points. After beating a level, you can go back to the main screen and purchase additional costumes or worlds. Don’t worry if you buy this for kids because it is easy to gain coins and unlock extra features.Disney Universe

Disney Universe Cons

While Disney Universe is a fun video game, it also has a few negative aspects in my opinion. I mentioned that you can buy additional costumes, but those costumes are not automatically available. For the more popular characters, you must play the same level multiple times before it unlocks and lets you buy it.

I noticed on the Xbox 360 version that the controls were not as responsive as I would like. In the Pirates of the Caribbean world, a simple press of the left button sent the character running off the ship and landing into the nearby ocean. In the Wall-E world, the same press left the character barely moving and when I pressed the jump button, the character would frequently walk off a ledge instead of jumping.

Disney Universe Pros

Disney Universe is still a fun video game, despite its primary flaws. I rarely play games, but I found myself playing this one for several days. My boyfriend, who typically loves shooting and war games, played one level and did not want to give back the controller. Disney Universe is great for anyone that loves Little Big Planet or the LEGO games. The game allows for four players at once, making it perfect for the whole family.


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