Custom-Designed Storage System Using Omni-Path

Data Direct Networks, Inc. (DDN) launched the industry’s first custom Intel Corporation’s Omni-Path which has the capability to enabled storage architecture, Omni-Connect. 

Omni-Connect have given the best cost and performance for the web, cloud and HPC data intensive environments.
Working with the Intel, the company has manufactured converged and hyper-converged storage solutions to coordinate with Omni-Path fabrics. These storage platforms of the company’s are built on the high-performance SFA architecture, leverage company’s Infinite Memory Engine (IME) SSD acceleration software and use Omni-Connect to deliver a 10x reduction in cost and performance as compared to any competitive alternative. 

“DDN has promised to provide complete end-to-end solutions in the market which will help in solving the large scale data problems in enterprises. The DDN Omni-Connect has given a way to the most advanced technologies to solve all the data related challenges of the customers.” said Bret Weber, VP engineering and CTO, DDN.

“DDN’s technological and market leadership has come from the long-term investments in R&D and with the great efforts of the employees and technology partners around the world. The close and long-standing coordination with Intel bolsters DDN’s relentless focus to give the most innovational, cutting-edge HPC technologies to join the people all over the world.

Omni-Connect is specially designed for high node count web, cloud and HPC data centers which needs the ability to scale simply and cost-effectively. Omni-Connect storage solutions are manufactured to coordinate into data centers with existing Ethernet or IB infrastructures while simultaneously connecting with a Omni-Path fabric.

Intel Omni-Path is specifically designed for delivering high performance speed such as InfiniBand. It provides the best scale cost-effectively from entry level HPC clusters to larger clusters with 10,000 nodes or more. They have used the best technology for the completion of their work . Intel OPA and InfiniBand has increased the Data Rate (EDR) up to 100Gbps.


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