COLOGNE, Germany – Star Citizen 3.0 that was shown at the Gamescom 2017 revealed the partnership between the game developer Cloud Imperium and Faceware Technologies. The dev team even released a new trailer that highlighted what Faceware LiveSKD could do.

The announcement of the latest face technology was hosted by Chris Roberts, who demonstrated the whole Star Citizen 3.0 game. It would take some time for the developers to improve some of the features, but the game has a very promising start. Gamers will surely enjoy playing while looking at their own facial expressions.

Cloud Imperium’s Star Citizen 3.0 Adopts Faceware LiveSKD

This game feature is called Face Over Internet Protocol (FOIP), which works as a communication device among the players in the world of Star Citizen. The game developers guarantee that the technology could identify different facial motions in different conditions. However, they would need to fix patches and add facial movement sensors. The details of the camera that will be installed were also not specified.

Peter Busch, Faceware Technologies’ VP for Business Development, stated that Cloud Imperium is by far the initial video gaming company who took the risk to display such technology in an animation. The video game would not only rely on voice to communicate but also through the person’s live and unfiltered emotions. These expressions will be interpreted through the faces of the avatar characters, which would have a feel of VR environment.

The details on the official release and selected gamers’ demo are yet to be announced. However, the gaming company promised to upgrade features that they thought had failed during the Gamescom 2017 introduction. There were unforeseen lags in the Star Citizen 3.0 during the initial demonstration that might be a turn off to potential players in the future. This is a challenge to the dev team who targets to make the game available early next year.


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