Has your PlayStation 4 been making the sounds like a hairdryer lately? After using your PlayStation for a while, you will know that that is definitely not the sound it should be making. But do not worry; there is a very high possibility that it is just the fan making that noise because of all the dust it has sucked up that has accumulated around it.

The thing is, you can do not much about it because even if you keep it in a closed cabinet for the majority of its time, dust is still going to find a way to get inside. You could get a dust cover, but even that needs to be taken off while you are using the console and it will still need to be cleaned every 2-3 months.

So what you can do is simply clean the PS4 fan now. Very carefully and very calmly – because the dust will still accumulate, but you need to be very gentle with it so that no internal machinery of the console is damaged in any way.

Tools needed

  • T8, T9, and Phillips screwdrivers
  • An ear bud
  • Canned air or air compressor



How to clean PS4 fan

Before you start, please be aware that once you break the seal, you cannot turn back. Sony will not accept the warranty anymore and you will have to take other measures to fix it should something else go wrong.

Step 1

Turn your PlayStation 4 onto its side where the seals are. Peel all three them off and then, using the T8 screwdriver, unscrew all three from their slots. Turn the PS4 upside down so that it is now lying on its top. Gently pull the bottom part away from the console. Do not yank it away – it may cause damage.

Step 2

Using the Philips screwdriver, unscrew the Philips screws first. Switch to the T9 screwdriver for the screws around the power supply which you also need to pull out. All five screws securing the power supply need to be unfastened and pulled out. The wire attached to the console on the right side also needs to be detached.

Step 3

With the power supply out, you now have unhindered access to the fan and the heat sink. Use the ear bud to clean out both, but do not press too hard on it. You can even use the canned air or air compressor to blow the dust away if you’re not too sure about the ear bud. Make sure you also clean the vent that you took out.

Step 4

If you have used the air compressor or canned air, leave the console as it is for 15-20 minutes. If you have used the ear bud, you can now place the power supply back in its place and put the screws back in. Cover it again with the bottom part of the console and use the T8 screwdriver to put those screws back on.

And you are done! You might have to repeat the process after a few months, but this will make sure that your PS4 stays in good shape for a long time.



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