10 Christmas Sheets Everyone Will Love [2018]

Holiday Script by Levtex Noelle Quilt Set

With Christmas just a few weeks away, people have started decorating their cars and homes. Even though most of us only focus on the outer theme of our houses, what most of us forget is, it’s also the inside of the house that’s important. And while most people do focus on their living room or garage, no one pays attention to their bedrooms. Bedroom décor in a Christmas theme is just as important as any other place of the house. Nothing screams Merry Christmas better than a Christmas themed bed set or sheet. We have assembled a list of Top 10 Christmas Sheets that everyone will love and adore. So, grab your wallets and start choosing the best of the best from our list for an extra addition to your Christmas decor.

10BuLuTu Siberian Forest themed Set

When you’re thinking of Christmas decorations, one cannot simply forget the children’s bedroom. Bulutu Siberian is the perfect solution for your child’s bedroom decor dilemma. Featuring trees, hunters, and animals the bed set is gender neutral which makes it the perfect setting for your children’s bedroom. The bed Set comes with a hidden zipper and is also available for twin as well as in full queen size.

9Eddie Bauer Plaided Mountain Duvet

A very decent and simple Mountain plaid cover set, for those who want to decorate their bedroom. It features black and red mountain plaid, which is quite synonymous with many Christmas decorations. Made from pure cotton the set includes two pillowcases and a duvet cover.

8Winterberry Patchwork by Collection Etc.

This cozy, comfortable and soft bed set features two Pillow Shams and patchwork comforter. With a unique design, the bed set has colors of red and white with painted pinecones and snowflakes on it. Like most of the other items on our list, the Winterberry also features a reverse side featuring a reddish snowflake design which perfectly compliments the bed skirt.

7Brushed Cotton Scandi Stripe bed Set

Brushed cotton scandi is the only bed set you need to Compliment the ambiance in your bedroom with the perfect Christmas theme. Featuring red and white stripes, this duvet set by George Home comes with matching pillow shams. Made up of pure / brushed cotton this bed set is very soft yet easy to handle. Available for a king, queen, and twins bed size, the brushed cotton scandi stripe set is also reversible.

6La-Mejor Christmas bells and trees cover set

More on the modern side, the LeMejor Christmas set features black red and white as its main colors. It features a zippered duvet cover with a black top that has printed Christmas trees and bells on it. What’s unique about this quilt is that it also features a red ribbon and a bow tie along with the text “Merry Christmas” surrounded by polka dots. The two pillowcases are unique on their own as one is black and features Christmas bells while the other has a red bow tie and is black and white. Made from microfiber the le major cover set is one of the lightest covers on our list.

5Christmas Quilt by Levtex Holly

If you’re going for the floral theme for your Christmas decorations, then this is the perfect quilt set for your bedroom. Featuring lots of holly sprigs, ornaments, and text of “Merry Christmas.” The quilt by Levtex gives off a floral yet festive vibe. With a creamy background featuring, hints of burgundy, tan, green and light blue, it is quite easy to handle and machine washable.

4Lakeside Collection Comforter Set for Christmas

The Lakeside collection is the perfect bed set for your holiday decoration if you are into yellow, gold color. This bed set features light snowflakes, snowmen and Christmas trees with a background of gold, yellow. The amazing thing is that the bed set is reversible and features a rather dark gold background on the other side with white snowflakes. Since it’s made up of polyester, it’s quite easy to handle and is available in all sizes.

3All Through the Night bed set by Collections Etc.

Featuring a classic depiction of Santa Riding with his reindeers and flying over a village covered in snow. All through the night features vibrant colors of dark blue, with hints of brown, green and white. Available with a quilt, comforters and two pillowcases. And if that wasn’t enough the quilt has a reversible side with white snowflakes and blue background. Made up of polyester and cotton, which makes it very soft and easy to handle.

2Reversible Printed Bedsure Christmas Quilt

For those of you who are going for a more traditionally subdued theme, this quilt set if perfect as it features white, green and red stripes of Christmas stockings, snowflakes, polka dots, ornaments and Christmas trees. Which makes it one of the most festive bed sets on our list. Since this sheet is reversible, the other side features green and red snowflakes with a white background. Available in queen size, the bed set is machine washable and quite cozy and soft.

1Holiday Script by Levtex Noelle Quilt Set

This attractive yet decent bed set features two pillowcases and a quilt in off-white, with a red Christmas, themed script complementing the background. The script stars common Christmas sayings like Merry Christmas or “Seasons greeting” and “Peace on Earth” along with Christmas Imagery. Made up of 100 % cotton, the holiday script by Levtex Noelle is not only soft, comfortable to sleep on but also machine washable. Ideal for people who have are going for a more subtle Christmas theme, the quilt set is available for King size, twin and even full or queen size beds.


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