20 Best Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers

Ideas on what to get for a car lover

Car enthusiast know that their love for vehicles does not come cheap, and affording everything for a lot of them is something impossible or it would just take a lot of time just to purchase it all. So, we bring you a small list of the best possible gifts for your car lover to show that you support their love for these magnificent machines.

Although it is hard to know what they will need, these 20 items are what we believe that any car owner should need or that we already have in our garage and feel like without it life would be a lot harder.

The list is not in any way categorized, they are just to inspire you or give an idea on what to get as a gift, and you may ask your car-loving friend on what they needed or what they are missing in their garage.

20Hail Protector

Hail cover for a vehicle is one of those gifts that I received and thought that it would be never used when the time came (and it came sooner than expected) it worked perfectly. As the name speaks for itself, and it protects a vehicle from hail and it is perfect for those times when a hail storm is coming, making sure that the vehicle body or paint will not be damaged by hail.

19Car charger

The car charger is probably the most used accessory available for a vehicle, just because it has a lot of uses and usage of technology in a vehicle is something that most people do, not just car lovers. Car chargers can charge a phone, freezer, dash cam, and other things. So, even though your car lover may have one already, having a spare would not hurt him as you can never know when you will need it.

18Jump starter

Jump starter is the best alternative for a battery charger, as it does one important job, it boosts the drain battery allowing the car to be started when the battery was drained. Although it will charge the battery, starting the car is and can be more important. And this gadget can help a car lover a lot of times, just because it is portable and rechargeable.

17Phone holder

Although phone use behind a wheel is something that no one should use, a phone holder can assist the driver in a lot of times. Phone holders can help a driver just because most of them can be attached in places that allows the driver the keep an eye out on the road and answer a phone call or look at directions at the same time. So, this little accessory is not just handy by storing a phone, it can increase road awareness in times when using a phone. Plus, they come in various styles and types so it is possible to choose.

16Personalized keychain

At first personalized key chains might seem something weird to get for a car lover but it is something small that can have a large meaning to it, and a lot of car lovers will surely enjoy such a gift from you. The beauty of these key chains that they can have anything engraved, from their favorite quote, vehicles nickname, owners name etc.

15Tire traction mat

This is a perfect gift for those that love to go off-road or for those that have snowy winters because these mats provide extra grip when the vehicle is stuck, making it a lot easier to get out of almost any situation the driver might be in. There are a lot of variety and offers around, so before getting one you might want to get an idea for what purpose they would be used, as off-road use might need a bit more rugged version with more area.

14Storage rack for the garage

Any car lover who does not have a huge warehouse would probably love this gift because it allows using the room above the car for storage. This gift allows for a storage above the head, with a simple pulley system that can be lowered for easy access. So, if your car enthusiast has a problem with storage space they would love this gift from you.

13Car Windshield Snow Cover

This gift is a perfect for any car owner who in winter hates to remove ice or snow from their windshield in the morning. And the name says it all, it provides a cover to the windshield from snow and the windshield will not be covered in ice while not the vehicle is used. These covers are easy to deploy and remove making sure that you will not have to spend precious minutes in the morning cleaning the windshield.


Although you might think that a toolkit is probably an item that any car lover owns, and you are probably correct but there is one thing – tools tend to disappear. And anyone can confirm this, as tools have the mystery of just disappearing, making this gift somewhat necessary and appreciated by any car lover. But, the toolkits come in a lot of variety, sizes, and prices, so you should ask your car enthusiast which toolkit he may need or does not own.

11Portable gas pump

This strange gift would fit for those that like to go to the track, off-roading or longer trips, just because it allows to quickly and effortlessly fill up anything. Although it seems as a very strange gift it ensures that you will not spill all over your car, or that you do not need to lift heavy larger gas cans. Plus, it can offer a lot of other uses in a garage as it is easy to store and use.

10Car cover

What is the difference between a car cover and hail protector cover? Well, a car cover is used to ensure that the body of the car is not affected by sunlight, wildlife or dust making this a perfect gift for those car enthusiasts that have older model vehicles as they usually are being more protected than newer ones plus they are a lot cheaper then hail covers. And, by being able to remove it easy it can be used even for the daily vehicles, just to have an extra protection to the body of the vehicle from the environment.

9Washing kit

Because washing car is the easiest and cheapest way to protect that car’s body and paint from rust and aging these washing kits is probably one tool that anyone, not only a car lover should have. Such a gift may seem a bit odd at first, but this means that you care about their passion, and want it to be protected. And because washing kits have a tendency to wear out there will always be a need for new ones and having a backup will not hurt anyone, so this gift will fit for those that have one already.

8Interior cleaning wipes

A clean interior is just as important as having a washed car, so giving someone interior cleaning kit will go a long way and will clearly show that you support their love with the cars. And even if they have one already, another one will not be something awful, as these kits are used quite often and that means that they run out quickly. These wipes contain various items which help to keep the interior of the car just like it rolled out of the factory. So, if you know that your car enthusiast spends some time on their car cleaning this gift will be the best you could get them.

7Detailing kit

After washing and cleaning the car next best idea for a car lover most likely will be to detail it. So, another gift that they will love would be a detailing kit. For this gift, you should ask your car lover what kind of brand he wants and what specifically maybe and that is because there are a lot of brands and a lot of specific detailing kits, and maybe your car lover really needs one specific type, or he doesn’t use anything else but that one. But, for those less picky this gift will show that you support his love and his vehicle.

6Dash cam

A dash cam is one of those accessories that might seem useless until they are needed, and it isn’t just for those legal purposes to have an easier way to prove innocence in a car accident. (Hope no car lover gets in those situations). Dash cams can have so many purposes, as for those that love to push their beloved car a bit these cams can record some great moments on the track or even in the daily drive which will allow them to share this story not only verbally but with a video proof, and if they want they can become a YouTuber with such a clips (Hehe)

5Garage towels

These towels are made especially for use in the garage, as they are very durable and can absorb any liquid. These towels have a lot of possibilities not only for absorbing liquids, they can be used for any possible task for a vehicle or any other job. Plus, these towels are soft and lint-free making them excellent for any job that requires softer touch (like detailing, cleaning etc.) and therefore they are a necessary item in a garage and handy, so your car enthusiast will love such a gift.

4Garage flashlight

Although at first, they might seem to be like another flashlight they are not, as they have a magnet at the back and bottom of them, plus they can be tilted. These magnets allow the flashlight to be placed securely on any metallic item, making it a lot easier to see at any angle and to use both hands for working, as they do not need to be held. They are not necessarily made for mechanical work, as they have a hook too, allowing the user to hang it for extra visibility at any job, and with these extras, this flashlight is a great gift.

3Magnetic fender cover

For every car lover who tends to fix or work on their own vehicle will appreciate this gift just because one thing. These magnetic covers fit on the car’s fenders and protect its paint while they are working on it, as it made from materials that protect from scratches the cars paint while its getting leaned upon and is widely used by any car workshop. Although a lot of people does not have such an item in their garage it is perfect for anyone who cares about their car paint and is probably the cheapest way on protecting it from scratches and little dents which may be caused while working upon the car.


This little gift will not only fit those car enthusiasts who love to work on their vehicle, but even for those which takes the car to the workshop. A multimeter will perfectly fit in any garage or household, just because it should be used as a primary tool when diagnosing problems with electricity and may save a lot of dollars for an electrician. It is easy to use, so even those who have almost no knowledge about electricity. Just because multimeter has a lot of purpose in any situation where electricity is involved, means that going with such a gift you will not go wrong and every car enthusiast will love such a gift just because this tool probably would be one of the most used tools.

1Racing gloves

Most car enthusiasts occasionally head to the track for some adrenaline rush, and for those moments racing gloves would be possibly the best gift, and yes, helmets seem to be even better as a gift. But most tracks already hand out helmets, or probably if they head out to the track they already have a helmet. Racing gloves allow the driver to have an extra grip on the steering wheel, which is quite necessary while racing just because the hands usually get sweaty and that can mean trouble. So, this gift for your car-loving racer would be a great option, even if they have ones already, as they tend to wear out.


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