If you are a proud owner of a PS4, the chances are that your controller is not in the best shape. It is because owing to the dedication to the gameplay, and people tend to treat the controller with little or no care. If you are such a dedicated gamer, you must also be an owner of pitiful analog sticks.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to subdue your excitement while playing. All you need to do is change the analog sticks so as to ensure optimum performance.

One might wonder, how do you change PS4 Thumbsticks? We are here to tell you how. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps.


Step 1: Disassemble the PS4 controller

First, get your hands on replacement analog sticks and a screwdriver. Then, switch off your controller and use the screwdriver to remove the back panel. It’s done by unscrewing the four screws found on the back of the controller.

Once the back panel is open, locate a flat cable on the circuit board and slowly pull it so as to disconnect the back panel from the controller.

Proceed by removing the battery as well as the reset button, battery tray, and the circuit board.

Disassemble the PS4 controller


Step 2: Replace the PS4 stick

Begin by removing the old analog stick by turning over the circuit board and pulling it from the board. Then, push the new replacement analog sticks into the place of the old sticks. Once in position, proceed by turning the board face down and setting it back into the panel.

Screw in the middle of the board and plug the flat cable back to the right corner as it was done before. Then, put back the battery tray and reset button by pressing them onto the circuit board.

Once the battery tray is in place, put the battery on the tray and plug the white connector so as so connect the battery to the circuit. Move forward by reconnecting the back panel by taking the flat cable and plugging it into the white port situated on the right side of the board. Screw the back panel on again and test your new analog sticks.


Step 3: Install New PS4 Thumb Grips to protect Analog Thumbsticks

Accessorize your analog stick with PS4 thumb grips to make sure that your new sticks do not meet the same fate as your old ones. All you need to do is push them over the top of your new analog sticks. Make sure they fit perfectly to enjoy a comfortable experience and a better grip.



All in all, changing PS4 analog stick is not an easy feat. It is better to equip your analog sticks with thumb grips from the beginning to avoid such a hectic procedure. Besides, all you require in a thumb grip installation is a small push.

Treat your controller well, and provide it with silicon skins and thumb grips so as to avoid damage. Remember, prevention is always the best way forward.



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