Menlo Park, Calif. – After the Charlottesville incident, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is closely monitoring the whole situation. He added that he would keep an eye on any threats of harm on the social media platform.

The Facebook CEO released his statement 4 days after the white supremacist rally that led to the killing of one of the counter-protesters. This was also a day after he announced the building of a new office in New Albany, Ohio. It appears that the network tycoon has been deleting some profiles and pages connected to the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Mark Zuckerberg reiterated that they are doing this action to prevent the possibility of encouraging more rallies that promote “hate crimes or acts of terrorism.” He added that it is a disgrace that such discrimination against people of color still needs to be corrected.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook to Take Down Threats

Peter Thiel, Mark Zuckerberg’s mentor and one of Facebook’s board members, is the most prominent supporter of the POTUS in the Silicon Valley area. He has not released any official statement regarding the incident, the same as most business leaders under the administration’s council of advisers.

The deletion of profiles and pages that scream white nationalism and neo-Nazi activism started a few months after the social network received the information of the accounts from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Pages such as Counter-Currents, Gallows Tree Wotansvolk, and Traditionalist Workers Party have been deleted within the past 72 hours. Groups that express hate to other communities were also removed from the online media platform, including pages against Muslims, the LGBT community, and the neo-Confederates.

Mark Zuckerberg is the latest addition to the numerous tech companies that shut down their doors after the horrifying Charlottesville killing. Cloudfare, an online security company, released a statement on Wednesday, saying that they will no longer be catering to Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi webpage. Matthew Price, the company’s CEO, made the decision in response to the rumors that his company is one of the secret supporters of the group.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook to Take Down Threats

PayPal ensures its clients on their statement released on Tuesday, emphasizing that their services are not used to fund activities promoting racial discrimination, hate, and violence. This was in response to SPLC’s Hatewatch online article stating that the Unite the White rally used PayPal to receive the funds used for the hate campaign. Color of Change, an organization for racial justice, confirmed reports that the online payment system has banned accounts connected to white nationalists such as League of the South, Identity Europa, Unite the White organizer Jason Kessler, and the National Policy Institute.

Other tech companies such as Apple Pay, Squarespace, Discord, and Go Daddy have already released their official statements in the previous weeks to discontinue services and pull out support from white supremacist and neo-Nazi websites.

There is more to hear from Mark Zuckerberg being the latest addition to the list of tech companies –in the coming days as it is possible that other social media platforms would follow suit.


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