You love your Xbox, you really do. But unlike many of your friends you’ve put trivial things, like work, ahead of your play time. And thusly, despite a decent collection of big name titles, your game score lingers in the low thousands. Every time you log on Xbox Live you’re shamed by your friends with scores of 5 digits. You can still redeem yourself. With a few weekends and a Blockbusters membership card, and the following helpful hints:

Avoid Xbox Live Arcade TitlesXbox live

Xbox Live Arcade titles can be crazy fun with games like “Portal” and “Braid” ranking among some of the best games of all time. However, if time is of the essence in boosting your score, stick to big title releases. Arcade titles only offer 200G, where as regular disc-based titles offer 1000G. Add to that that often times Arcade games often have incredibly time-consuming and/or difficult achievements (See “Megaman 9” and “Feeding Frenzy.”)

Sports Games Like “NHL 2K6″ are a Points Bonanza.NHL 2K6 xbox 360

Sports titles are never very difficult to master and they’re also almost always multi-player. Even better: they’re usually fairly cheap to buy, because new titles come out to frequently. Buy a case of beer, call a friend over and spend a Saturday afternoon racking points.

Suggested Playing: “Madden NFL 09”, “NBA Street Homecourt”, “NCAA March Madness 07”

1000 Points in 2 Minutes From “Avatar: The Last Airbender”Avatar The Last Airbender

Videos of gamers racking up all 1000 of “Avatar: The Last Airbender”s achievement points in seconds are incredibly common. A short oversight in the production of the game made it possible to collect all the achievement points easily within minutes of starting the game. If you decided to pick up this game, make sure you get the right one; in addition to “Avatar: The Last Airbender” there is also Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Burning Earth” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender – Into the Inferno”

Play Through Respectable Titles Like “Arkham Asylum” and “BioShock”Arkham Asylum xbox 360

While playing kids games like “Viva Piñata” is a quick and easy way to rack up points, any of your friends can explore your profile and expose your ill-gotten high-scores. To make sure your score is truly impressive, play games that challenge you and make you want to earn points.

Suggested Playing: “Arkham Asylum”, “BioShock”

Follow the above tips and you`ll be boasting in no time. Happy Gaming!

Get started in the right direction with these titles: TMNT, College Hoops 2K6, King Kong, Scene It: Box Office Smash


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