If you delete files and wipe them from recycle bin they still can be recovered with specific recovery software as Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional, meaning that all your deleted data is recoverable. In some cases, this can be crucial. If you want your deleted files to be deleted forever and not recoverable or seen by wrong eyes, you should consider using BitRaser for File. This software has a fair price and is a great solution for keeping your data safe.  Bank account information, passwords, document files with personal information and many other data that can harm you in wrong hands can be deleted with no trace.

BitRaser for file

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What is “BitRaser for File” and what does it do?

BitRaser for File is software designed to delete data permanently from your hard drive or any other storage devices and make deleted files unrecoverable. BitRaser for file manages this with its powerful and advanced algorithms.

Why should I use it?

If you often leave your laptop or any other device with storage exposed to other people or you have decided to sell it or just throw it away, other people who get hold with your storage device can recover all your valuable information. That’s why you want to use software like BitRaser for File. The best thing is – this software is very affordable.

Keeps you safe on the internet

When your browsing though the web all that you do is beeing recorded. The third person could see your internet history, downloads, use cookies and so much more to gain valuable information about you. With BitRaser for File, you can erase all your Internet activities keeping you and your data safe. This software supports all web browser you can think about ranging from Chrome to Opera.

App information

If you are using Apps on your PC like Email, Facebook, Skype and other, your chat messages and emails can also be recovered by the third person. This software prevents that.

How to use BitRaser for File?

1) Once you have installed this software, open it.

2) Run through configuration process.

3) This is the main screen of this software. From here you can manage it. As seen in image below – eliminating all traces or recycle bin. You can also schedule erases.

Deleting files boosts your system’s performance

After the file has been deleted, traces to this data still remain. These traces also tend to take a lot of space and as we all know more free space – better performance. By deleting your data permanently you not only keep yourself safe but also enhance your system speed.

The thing we loved about BitRaser for File is its ability to delete unused space that’s created in a result of deletion of files or folders in the storage device. This software works with all drive no matter how it is formated – FAT32, exFAT, or NTFS.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
I want to erase the unused space on the boot partition of my system. Can I do that with BitRaser for File?
Can you erase a particular file using BitRaser for File?
If I delete a file with this software, will it be recoverable?

A great software that os worth getting as it’s very affordable and you definitely would want to use it with some of files you delete. With super simple interface, everyone can manage around in BitRaser for File.

Note: Before buying you can also try out the Demo and if you like it, get the full version.


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