TORONTO, Ontario – Big-O-Tree Games, Inc. released an ‘intentionally offensive’ video game entitled Dirty Chinese Restaurant – causing stir among Chinese communities in different parts of the world.

Dirty Chinese Restaurant stars Wong Fu, the restaurant owner, who has to catch dogs and cats to serve. You play the character of the owner and you are allowed to chop the animals using a meat hatchet. He keeps employees and pays wages that are frugal and degrading. As you progress, you have to make sure that your employees work really fast and should not be deported.

This is the first video game that the company has developed and the negative feedback about it has brought interest to some players who are ‘tired of being politically correct.’ According to their website, the creators intended the game to be offensive as part of their publicity. The name of the company itself is a wordplay. Does bigotry ring a bell?

Big-O ‘Proudly’ Introduces Offensive Game Dirty Chinese Kitchen

The company’s website is registered to a certain George Lambropoulos. In a recent interview, he said that the game is just as offensive as television shows that United States enjoy like Family Guy and South Park.

However, Lambropoulos provided a disclaimer, stating that they do not intend to misinform the public that the game is the exact depiction of the Chinese culture.

On Monday, New York Representative Grace Meng posted her distaste of the game. She said that the game encourages stereotyping and ‘racism against Asian Americans.’ She appeals to online platforms to stop applications that would harm the community.

Dirty Chinese Kitchen also includes illegal gambling activities inside the restaurant. As you browse on their site, the developers stand ‘tall and proud’ of the initial banner, they have raised in the world of video gaming. The attention is paying off pretty well, as many people have already visited the site out of curiosity, thanks to the hype.


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