While the sales figures may be disappointing for those independent developers trying to break into the market via the new vehicle of Microsoft’s Xbox Live Community Games network – that does not mean that all titles suffer from the same reports of poor quality, shoddy gameplay, and slumping sales. Miner Dig Deep, created by Robir, is a diamond in the rough and a must purchase for most everybody from children to seasoned gamers alike. If you love classics, make sure you also check out our Top 10 Best Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) Games article.

Classic Inspiration, Simple and Easy Gamepla

It is patently obvious to old-school gamers from the old days of DOS and the litany of shareware and freeware programs that Miner Dig Deep is a direct descendant from these games of yore focusing its game environment on the elements of fun, approachability, and curiousity to see what treasure lurks in those mines beneath town! In the vein of its predecessor and likely inspiration, Miner VGA, Miner Dig Deep offers a slew of tools to assist in your labour from a hookshot that can get you out of a pinch to a drill that will slice its way through the earth to find that prized Horrorlite Ore and delivers addictive, if only slightly repetitive, gameplay.

The basis of the game is to dig deep into the earth in order to mine ore and gemstones, in order to sell them to the store in the town, and in turn to use that earned cash in order to buy more powerful tools to allow you to dig even deeper into the earth in hopes of locating some more valuable treasures. It is a simple premise and one that seems to hold little appeal on the surface. Those that do not give this little title at least a half hour to develop will lose out on the experience however, it is as addictive and fun as Miner VGA was (even if it is missing the legendary brothel of its DOS based ancestor!).

Beautiful, Simply Arranged Graphics and Sound

Miner Dig Deep features high colour, very simplistic graphics that work within the context of the game in this instance this art style is both cute and friendly towards all brands of potential gamers.

The musical accompaniment is also quite minimalist and charming a few tracks of guitar and bass tunes that seem to blend in perfectly with the fun and carefree aesthetic of the rest of the game.

With no death being permanent and the challenges facing our little protagonist being somewhat few and far between as well as predictable with the right equipment and a little practice Miner Dig Deep offers a stress-free and fun gameplay experience that is a true bargain at the asking price of 200 Microsoft Points. Pick this game up on the cheap and consider it the best bargain going amongst the Community Games service.


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