Welcome to Rapture: a city founded on Utopian ideals by genetic pioneer George Ryan, and driven mad by quests for power by its inhabitants. Bioshock features stunning graphics, interactive environments, memorable bad guys, and an involving plot; truly one of the best Xbox 360 games, and easily one of the greatest single-player FPS games ever made.

Best Xbox 360 Games - Bioshock

Bioshock Demo Impressions

Till 2009, the Bioshock demo was rated the best Xbox 360 demo in the entire demo library.

Indeed, the Bioshock demo wowed and impressed when it was released on 8/13/2007. The demo showcases impressive graphics while giving players a brief glimpse into the in-depth gameplay and chilling environments.

But perhaps most impressive of all, the Bioshock demo pulls players in immediately with stunning cinematics that don’t detract from the immersion. The player is still in the first-person mode when the plane crashes, and still in the first-person mode when introduced to Rapture. Since all of the cinematics are in-game without load-screens, it’s much easier to feel immersed inside the world of Bioshock.

The Bioshock demo is available for download on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Bioshock Plot, Characters, Setting

The player assumes the role of a man lost at sea, stranded by a plane crash, who accidentally discovers a vast, underwater city by the name of Rapture. This city was designed to be an escape from governmental, moral, and religious oppression – allowing people to live free from the restraints imposed by all other societies across the world.Bioshock

As the player soon realizes, things didn’t go exactly as planned. The city is littered with mutants, psychotics, and ghosts. The player is guided by friend Atlus via radio transmitter, which is where most of the player’s missions come from. There are a few obligatory twists and turns towards the end of the plot, and players can take one of two endings.

The overarching plotline of Bioshock isn’t what sets it apart from any other epic action game story. What sets Bioshock apart is all the interconnected storylines. Numerous characters from the past kept recorded diaries, and these recordings are scattered about in Rapture.

The numerous, interconnected characters and story lines make the world of Rapture feel alive. The overarching plot of Bioshock merely trims the surface – it’s the recorded diaries that dive players into the underwater world of Rapture.

Bioshock Gameplay – Little Sisters, Splicers, and Big Daddies

Similar to the interconnected storylines, Bioshock comes alive from witnessing its many inhabitants interact with one another.

Splicers – genetically altered mutants – are the main “bad guy” in Bioshock. Little Sisters collect ADAM (material required for genetic alteration) from corpses, which attracts the Splicers. Big Daddies are behemoths with powerful weapons who protect the Little Sisters. Witnessing, and oftentimes getting caught in the middle, of this unique interaction (usually involving gunfire) is what makes Bioshock stand from most FPS games.

Plasmids, multiple forms of ammunition, genetic alteration, weapon upgrades, and hacking also help Bioshock feel unique. Each gameplay aspect feels multilayered, which allows players to approach situations in many different ways, which means the gameplay rarely feels dull or repetitive.

Best Xbox 360 Games – Bioshock Conclusion

Bioshock is an endearing First Person Shooter that draws players in with great, detailed environments and a dark atmosphere. The gameplay is deep with RPG-like elements such as weapon and plasmid upgrades to keep the game fresh. Even though Bioshock lacks multiplayer – a fundamental part of most FPS games – Bioshock manages to make up for it by being one of the best single-player games on Xbox 360.


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