After a hard day of work, there is nothing better than having a solo dance party. As you move to the beat, you can feel the tiredness seeping away. Dancing it off is the best temporary solution to all the worries that plague you.

It is, even more, fun if your speaker dances to the beat too. Yes, this is possible. This can be achieved via a dancing water speaker, where the water dances according to the beat. Such speakers are not only the best way to play music, but they also serve to be a visual treat.

Here are the top 20 best wireless dancing water speakers for you to choose from:

#20. Sylvania SP118 Water Dancing Bluetooth Speaker

Sylvania SP118-BLACK Water Dancing Bluetooth Mini Tower Speaker

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If you wish for a product which adds on to the aesthetics of your room, you may want to give this speaker a try. It features a black tower-like design which is marked by sleekness. Such a design allows it to be effectively placed in any part of the room.

The speaker is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth feature. Such a feature provides you with the autonomy of streaming your favorite music from an array of devices, ranging from your smartphones to tablets and PCs. Such a wireless feature makes this a convenient option, especially when it comes to placement of the product.

Moreover, the speaker is accompanied by light and water display when dances to the beat of the music. It also includes a high-quality stereo sound which is bound to leave you satisfied.

#19. Hype Bluetooth Dancing Water Speaker

Wireless Bluetooth Water Dancing Speakers (Set of 2)

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This package consists of two desktop speakers which feature a Bluetooth system that allows you to stream music from wherever you want.

The size of the product is quite small. Such compactness leads to enhanced durability. Hence, you can place this speaker in a range of locations including your bedroom, office, or dorm.

The speakers feature a power of 3 watts and are marked by a sharp and clear audio which is appreciated by many. While overall the product is wireless, the two speakers included are connected to one another via a USB cable.

The product is designed to look like a cone, which is achieved by combining a black base with a plastic top which is shaped like a cone head. The speakers are accompanied by water which pulsates when the music is played. This water mimics the beat and volume of the music and tends to go higher when the volume is up.

#18. Original ATake Dancing Water Speakers

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Imagine how pretty it would be if your speakers could feature colorful water. Well, this is exactly the feature that is offered by this product.

The speakers are equipped with LED lights of various colors which are responsible for creating excellent visual effects when the music is on. Such a feature allows this product to be immensely beautiful when in use.

The design of the product is marked by elegance and includes a bright pink base. The acrylic material used in the speaker gives it a pleasant texture.

All you need to do is plug the product into your iPod or MP3 player and let the party begin.

#17. Proxelle LED Dancing Water Speaker

Proxelle LED Dancing Water Speakers Light Music Water Fountain Show...

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How awesome would it be if you could be provided with dynamic sound and portability at a reasonable cost? Well, such is offered by this speaker which features two speakers with a power of 3 watts.

The speakers are 6.6 inches tall, which allow them to be placed in any room in any building, regardless of whether it is your house or your office. The consumers appreciate such portability and versatility in placement.

All you are required to do is connect the speakers to any music source and watch the magic unfold. Get enchanted by the dancing water as you listen to the clear and high-quality sound.

Furthermore, the speakers are highly durable which is guaranteed by the leakage proof feature. The design of the product features a transparent acrylic tube which is filled with non-toxic oil. Such a design is marked by sophistication which is bound to keep you happy.

#16. Dragonpod Black Dancing Water Fountain

Black Dancing Water Fountain Light Show Sound Speaker (Black)

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This speaker provides you with an aesthetically pleasing yet an easy way to conduct a dance party. It has the power to change the feel and the vibe of the house in a matter of seconds.

All you need to do is plug in the speakers into your device which can include iPhone, MP4, MP3, iPod, iPad, and PC, etc. and enjoy the music.

The water inside the speaker not only dances to the beat of the music but puts on a magnificent show of feature multi-colored visual effects and shooting water. The LED lights included in the product are integral for such a show.

The lightweight speaker features enhanced portability which is appreciated by many. The USB plug and play charging system of the product is convenient for the masses.

#15. Naxa NAS-3058 Dancing Water Speakers

Naxa NAS-3058 Dancing Water Light Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

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This product not only manages to deliver excellent quality audio but it is also a treat to look at. The sleek and sophisticated design of the product makes it ideal for house decoration as well as for listening to music.

The beauty of the product is further enhanced when the speakers are operational. When in use, the visual effects of the speaker are exemplary owing to the multi-LED lights and pressure-driven liquid included in the product.

You can connect this speaker to your Bluetooth enabled devices or can use the 3.5 mm AUX audio cable for direct connection. The product offers high-quality sound to users via its 40mm full-range drivers.

The product is equipped with rechargeable batteries which are more convenient to use than power cords.

#14. I-kool 4 Water Dancing Speaker

I-kool 4 Changing Colors Water Dancing Speaker Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless...

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This product looks like an orb which gives it a funky vibe. This vibe is further ensured by the fact that the dancing water can change into three colors including blue, red, and green. Such a visual effect is bound to look pleasing to the eye.

Not only does this speaker feature high-quality audio but it is also equipped with a non-crack-noise which allows for enhanced experience.

The Bluetooth connectivity of the product allows the speaker to offer you the chance to stream music from an array of devices. Moreover, the inclusion of a 3.5mm audio jack and a micro SD card slot allows you to plug in your devices or cards directly.

Along with a multi-color light show, as achieved by the inclusion of three colors, this speaker also features a water cyclone in the center which changes size and speed based on the beat and hence dances along with you.

#13. HOPESOOKY Fish Dancing Water Speaker

HOPESOOKY Wireless Colorful Night Light Fish Dancing Water Speakers...

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Are you looking for the perfect speakers for your little ones? If yes, then you will appreciate this product and its inclusion of marine life in the speakers.

Moreover, the product is compatible with both Bluetooth connectivity as well as direct connection to the devices via the audio line included in the speaker. Such versatility in streaming video is bound to be a source of convenience for many.

The LED night light of the product is accompanied by colorful fishes which will make your room look more attractive to your children.

The product is compatible with an array of devices including Laptops, MP4, MP3, iPhones, iPads, and PCs, etc. The high-quality audio sound provided by the speakers allow for superior performance.

#12. Leading Edge: Water Dancing Speaker X3-Chrome

Leading Edge: Water Dancing Speaker X3 - Chrome

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If you have the money to spare, you will find the features of this product quite impressive. Though it has a premium price, the quality of the speakers justifies its inflated cost.

This product not only succeeds in creating a music party at your house but it also ensures that it looks good while doing so. The dancing water when combined with the LED lights manages in putting on a mesmerizing show for you.

Adjust the volume of the music as per your requirement and watch as the water increases or decreases its height accordingly.

The speakers are 9 inches tall and can create a vibrant sound which is the soul of any dance party. The fact that it includes a 3.5 mm audio jack along with Bluetooth connectivity allows for an array of music streaming options.

#11. Polaroid Wireless Dancing Water Speakers

Polaroid Wireless Dancing Water Speakers

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Do you wish for a product you could take anywhere you want? Do you want this speaker to feature full audio quality? If so, this speaker may be the ideal product for you.

The speaker features a compact size of 9.8*7.4*4.5 inches and also has a light weight of approximately 1.9 pounds. Such compactness allows for ease of portability, and therefore you can take this speaker with you when you go on vacations or to a sleepover.

The compactness of the speakers does not undermine its sound quality for it features high-quality audio which allows you to dance to the beat while you watch the dancing water perform.

The product can be used to play music via an array of devices through its Bluetooth function and hence ensures that you are provided with a vast variety of song options.

#10. E-More Fountain Dancing Water Speakers

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If you are willing to compromise on quality for a cheaper yet satisfactory speaker, you may like this product for its aesthetics and audio quality.

While the durability of the product is questionable, this product succeeds in creating an incredible water dancing show for you to enjoy. All you need to do is start the music and watch as the water dances to the beat and changes color for enhanced visual effects. Such color changing is achieved via the inclusion of four multicolored LED lights.

Moreover, the product is equipped with a Bluetooth connectivity and therefore is compatible with an array of devices as long as they are Bluetooth enabled. The compact size of the product makes them suitable for both your house and your office.

Its high-quality sound and stereo system makes this product one of a kind.

#9. Svance Dancing Water Speaker

Dancing Water Speake/Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers-Powerful...

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What if we told you that you could get both portability and loud music all in one? This is provided by the product which features a built-in amplifier which allows for high-quality and loud stereo sound.

The manufacturers of the speakers have upgraded the water version to allow for water filling on the top, and you not having to worry about instances of water leak outs.

The product is accompanied by a high-quality squawk box which is both impacts resistant and robust to allow for enhanced durability. The fact that the product features a 360-degree clarity means that you can enjoy the music regardless of where you are.

The speakers can be connected in various ways. Not only is it compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices but it can also play music via micro SD card and features a 3.5 mm audio input port for instances when your device is unable to connect to the speaker.

The speaker also features a LED display light which allows for beautiful water dancing and is accompanied by a one-year warranty for your convenience.

#8. SoundSOUL Music Fountain Dancing Water Speakers

SoundSOUL Music Fountain Mini Amplifier Speakers (White)

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This speaker features a fountain speaker which is accompanied by two full-range satellite speakers. Together, the three speakers are bound to provide you with enough loudness and clarity to pump up the party.

The product features compatibility with any device whose cord can fit into its 3.5 mm audio line and therefore is ideal for desktop, phones, laptop, and mp3 players along with other devices.

The bass effect of the speakers is excellent, and so is the visual show as put on by the dancing jets of water. Such dancing water is accompanied by multicolored lights which make the show even more exemplary.

This patented product is equipped with an acrylic exterior and includes environmental non-toxic liquid which cannot be ignited. Such a feature serves to provide for the enhanced safety of users.

#7. Kocasco Water Dancing Globe Speaker

KOCASO Mini Portable [Bluetooth 4.0] Dancing Water Globe Wireless Bass...

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This product is shaped like a globe and takes the water dancing show up a notch by instead delivering a water cyclone.

The cyclone is marked by changes in speed and size as per the beat and loudness of the music being played. Such a hurricane, when added to the three-color lighting system, will surely entertain you and your friends while being an aesthetically pleasing addition to your house.

The speaker successfully supports micro SD card as well as 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity. The fact that it features a non-crack-noise function ensures that the sound that is delivered to you is high-quality.

The product is also equipped with a USB power supply for convenient charging.

#6. Sharper Image Dancing Water Speaker

Sharper Image Bluetooth Wireless Dancing Water Speaker with...

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What if we told you that a speaker could be the heart and soul of a party? While many speakers may not be as such, this product surely is.

This is achieved by the entertaining water dancing of the speaker on top of the dynamic sound quality. As music comes out of the product, watch as jets of water pulsate to the beat showing you what having a rhythm means. Such a dance show is further beautified by the LED lights which illuminate the water jets for the better.

Additionally, this product can be paired with all types of Bluetooth-enabled devices, and therefore allows you to stream music from wherever you want. The product also includes an aux-in option for devices that are wired. On top of it all, it is compact in size for ease of placement as well as to ensure that it is easy to take it from one place to another.

#5. SoundOriginal Dancing Water Speakers

SoundOriginal 2016 Dancing Water Speakers - 4 Led Light Show Fountain...

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This speaker allows you to control the water dance via the volume and tone of the music. Watch as the water perfectly mimics the beat of the song. Be mesmerized as the LED lamps illuminate the dancing water in four colors.

Moreover, this speaker is not just about the aesthetics. It also features an excellent sound quality. Its dual track and double horn system are bound to make you feel that the music you are listening to is three dimensional.

The compact design of the product makes it ideal for portability as well as for placement in small rooms or dorms. The aesthetically pleasing design also makes this product a great gift for the music lovers in your social circle.

The product is equipped with a 3.5mm audio input for connection to devices ranging from phones to PCs. The product also includes a user manual for your convenience.

#4. Sharper Image SBT5002 Speakers

Sharper Image SBT5002 Water and Light Show Bluetooth Streaming 2.1...

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This product is equipped with a built-in AC power which can be plugged into any outlet. It can also be with your computer and laptop for everyday use.

The water dancing abilities of this product are exemplary as ensured by the inclusion of LED lights on top of the water jets that dance to the beat.

The product is also accompanied by a subwoofer which features an adjustable bass level which allows the speakers to fine tune each song and provides an enhanced listening experience.

The Bluetooth 4.0 technology allows for ease in pairing and hence is a source of convenience for those who wish to stream music from a variety of sources. The package includes two speakers, an aux cable, and 2 USB cables, along with a user manual for a smooth setup process.

#3. SoundSOUL Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

SoundSOUL Water Dancing Speakers Light Show Water Fountain Speakers...

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The manufacturers of this speaker have made it after considering the safety of users and therefore have equipped this product with a non-toxic material in case of breakage. The water volumes are tested to ensure lack of leakage and hence durability of the product.

The speakers feature an amplifier which is responsible for delivering clear and crisp audio regardless of what device you connect it to. The Bluetooth connectivity lets this speaker stream music when various sources.

The LED light fountain succeed in putting on a great show with dancing water and multicolor lights. The inclusion of merely four buttons in the product ensures ease of use and is therefore perfect gift for children.

#2. SoundSoul Dancing Water Speaker

SoundSOUL Dancing Water Speakers LED Speakers Water Fountain Speakers...

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This product succeeds in being both stylish and a high-quality speaker. The fountain’s self-select function of on and off allows you to save energy when you are not in the mood for a water dance party.

When you are, rest assured that you will be entertained by the multicolored visual effects of the pulsating water.

The design of the product is made to include a transparent acrylic tube which is filled with vegetable oil that is both non-toxic and un-ignitable. Such a feature adds on to the safety of using the speakers.

The easy connection to various devices like iPods and a Mp3 player makes this product perfect for spontaneous dance parties. The light weight of the product further enhances its versatility in placement.

#1. E-Joy Black Water Dancing Speaker

Dancing Water Show Fountain Speakers/Water Dancing Speaker/Dancing...

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This product proves to be the best amongst the lot when it comes to sound quality and features. While it does tend to leak easily, the speaker more than makes up for this flaw via the inclusion of multifunctional styles in the product.

The speaker succeeds in putting on a beautiful water dancing show via the help of its 4 LED lights, as well as the water jets that accurately dance to the beat.

The product is also marked by enhanced durability and features a design which makes the speaker a great addition to your home décor. The 9-inch speaker is small enough to fit in any room, regardless of whether it is in your house or your office.

These dancing water speakers are compatible with an array of devices which makes it a convenient choice.

Best Dancing Water Speakers: Conclusion

All in all, while we believe that E-Joy is the best wireless dancing water speaker, you are free to make your own decision based on your requirements.

Get yourself a water dancing speaker. Dance it all out!

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