The Monoprice speaker wire cable overall is the best speaker cable on the market. There are three sizes available: 50ft, 100ft, 300ft and four diameters 12AWG, 14AWG, 16AWG, and 18AWG. Polarity is indicated by a blue stripe on one conductor. The oxygen-free build ensures that these wires won’t corrode inside the jacket. The Monoprice conductors have very high purity with more than 95.95% pure copper. The ultimate speaker wire to boost your music listening experience.


As you can already say from the product name, the price is almost unbeatable. Amazon offers great 16AWG speaker wire cables. You can choose between two lengths 50ft and 100ft. Polarity is marked by a white line on the one side of the wire.


The RCA offers great diameter variety from 14 gauge to 24 gauge and two length options 50ft and 100ft. Connect your speakers to an amplifier or A/V receiver easily. Great deal together with Monoprice 24k gold plated speaker banana plugs (5pairs).


Pyle has a lot of wires, length options vary from 50 feet up to 1000 feet. There are four gauge diameters available 12AWB, 14AWB, 16AWB, and 18AWB. They have a lot of very satisfied customers!


KnuKonceptz Kord offers professional ultra flexible copper speaker wires and they are noticeably more expensive than other options on our list. The copper wires consist of 294 completely oxygen-free strands. They have black polarity mark on the side.


C&E offers 100 feet enhanced 99.99% oxygen free ultra flexible copper wires. Gauge varies from 12 to 16. Excellent performance, amazing sound quality for professional speakers.


GearIt Pro Series 16AWG speaker wires, available in four sizes 50ft, 100ft, 200ft, and 500ft. Great speaker wires for home theater or car audio system. Copper clad aluminum (CCA) wires with no oxygen. They offer the same reliability and signal frequency but are lighter and more flexible than regular copper wires. Lifetime warranty service.


Diameter varies from 12-18AWG, available in 50ft or 500ft bundles. Easy to identify with black and red conductors. Safe to use inside home walls and enterprise-class buildings. Backed up with a Monoprice lifetime warranty. These speaker wires are 100% oxygen-free.


White Sewell Ghost 2-conductor speaker wire. Safe to use both outdoor and indoor, diameter 16AWG. Sewell Ghost super flat speaker wire can easily be used on almost any flat surface. Best speaker wire to run around room, corners, under flooring or in the car. Best option if you cant run wires through the walls. You cant paint them, put on a wallpaper or hide them under flooring.


  1. You really included copper clad aluminum is a speaker cable rating? That automatically disqualifies your opinions! Yes, the the differences between speaker wires are much more subtle than those between low level (interconnect) cables, but aliminum is a poor conductor (that’s why it has been ripped out of so many houses in the last few decades!


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