The quickest way to clean your driveaway from snow. Snow Joe has a powerful 15-amp motor that can move up to 800lbs of snow per minute. It comes with 3W LED light so you can clear snow even after the sun is down. Snow Joe has two rubber blades that cut 12 inches deep and 21 inch wide paths in the snow. It comes with 2-year warranty. Effortless maintenance.


This 20-inch corded Greenworks snow blower is made for a tight budget. It has 13 amp motor and can discharge snow up to 20 feet. Notice that it only works on 120 volts. Manageable snow throwing with an adjustable 180-degree directional chute. Excellent electric snow blower for those who use it occasionally.


Honda is a brand of serious reliability and respectable quality. They are good at making small engines. Small yet very powerful at churning snow. Honda offers better fuel economy compared to the competition. Starts well even in cold weather, no mixing required. It clears a 20-inch path and can throw snow up to 33 feet. It has a 4 cycle 190cc Honda engine. Great snow blower even for heavy daily usage.


The Craftsman snow blower comes with 4 cycle 179cc engine, no mixing of oil and gas required. Clearing width is 24 inches. It has 8 speeds, 6 forward and 2 reverse. With 12-inch serrated steel auber, you can easily break the ice.


Its a 21-inch, cordless, 56-volt electric snow blower, powered with two 5.0 Ah batteries. Handle folds for very compact storage. It has 2 bright white LED lights, throws snow up to 35 feet. Fast battery recharge – 40min. And everything is backed up with a 5 year warranty.


Two-stage gas powered snow blower with electric start. It has 208cc engine and 24-inch clearing width. This is a pretty serious snow blower with heavy-duty steel blades, a bright LED headlight, and power steering. It will do its job well even if you live in an area where snow regularly ices over.


Best two-stage snow blower for people who want to make clearing as easy as possible. It’s a self-propelled snow blower which means that it will drive on its own, you won’t have to push it forward. It has 208cc engine, electric start, 24-inch wide clearing path with 20-inch intake height. It throws snow up to 40 feet and comes with a 5-year warranty for iron gear case and 3-year warranty for the machine.


The first thing that you will notice is its small size, its a very compact electric snow blower with 15 Amp motor and 18-inch wide clearing path. Just to remember to buy a decent length extension cord because it’s not a cordless snow blower. Can throw snow up to 30 feet. It has ergonomic handles and Power Curve technology to eliminate clogging.



This is a more serious snow blower, for heavy duty use. Remington comes with 30-inch wide clearing path, 357cc engine and electric start with safety key. This is a big, powerful and efficient snow blower that doesn’t come cheap. Ideal for anyone who needs to clear large spaces fast.


This little gas powered single stage snow blower has a beast inside (212cc engine) that can easily throw snow up to 35 feet. It comes with the electric start so you can start with just one push of a button. Folding handles makes it very compact and easy to pack away when the summer is coming. The clearance width is 21-inch and height is 12-inch. Ideal for driveways, sidewalks, concrete and asphalt surfaces.

The best snow blower for home. If you are not clearing the whole street or supermarkets parking, then Sno-Tek 24-inch snow blower is one of the best you can buy. Compared to other heavy-duty snow blowers it’s a lot cheaper. With rust-resistant and though exterior the Sno-Tek snow blower is made to last.


This is our champion of the list with everything you can wish for in a snow blower. Also, you need to lay down a bunch of bucks for this one, without any discounts it costs about 1800$. Overall its one of the best heavy duty snow blower with external lighting, steel blades, power steering, a customizable chute that can be adjusted in seconds, heated grips and 8 gears (two reverse and six forward). Ideal if you need to deal with a lot of snow!


13. WORX WG650 Electric Snow Thrower

Very compact electric snow thrower with 18-inch clearing path and 13-Amp motor. Chute control is mounted on the handlebar, 180 degrees adjustable. Snow throw distance is 30 feet. Compared to the competition, this snow blower will require more physical effort to move it forward. Excellent for those who have very limited space.


14. Honda Power Equipment HSS1332AAT 389cc Two-Stage Gas 32 in. Snow Blower

This is some serious equipment from Honda and is meant for people who know what they’re doing. Its clearing width is 31.9″, and 21.7″ clearing height, it comes with a very powerful 389cc gas engine. Throws snow up to 56 feet and of course, it has electric start, auger height control, hydrostatic transmission, electric joystick chute control, dual track drive, pneumatic gas strut and hour meter with auger lock indicator light. The HSS928 can clear up to 2750 pounds of snow per minute. It’s a very impressive snow blower with a big price tag!

The HSS928 can clear up to 2750 pounds of snow per minute



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