The Best Seagate External Hard Drives of 2016

What are You looking for, the best price of the best quality and performance? Segate products are not the cheapest ones. Seagate storage devices are usually a bit more expensive than Toshiba and Western Digital. But extra quality means some extra money.

Seagate Technology PLC is an American data storage company that was incorporated in 1978, so they have gained a lot of experience. Currently Seagate Technology is incorporated in Dublin and Ireland, and has principal executive office in Cupertino, California, USA.

Seagate has never built a mediocre portable hard drive. Best thing about Seagate is that they always are one step ahead competition. Seagate always have been the company which brings in new innovations in the way we store our data. Their newest feature offers automatically back-up social networks like Facebook and Flickr, all photos and videos You post online will be uploaded to external hard drive. This new feature is also compatible with YouTube. If You are not happy with Seagate External Hard Drives, then it will be very hard to find portable hdd of Your choice. Seagate external hard drives are one of the best hard drives on the market.

Seagate External Hard Drives are powerful and very fast, their products are really well-considered. The Top rated Seagate Technology portable hard disk are know by big efficiency, great performance and big storage. Their products are in quite big price range, to meet wide range of consumer needs. Another big advantage is extreme portability and easy-usage, so it is possible to take them anywhere with You. 

Nowdays it is all about Mobility and Wireless. And Seagate Technology is the most experienced company it this field. Furthermore, everything now is becoming more and more wireless, and anyone has more and more gadgets, and all of these devices are making more and more data to store, so the world need solution where to store all that information. And Seagate has an answer, with newest innovations they now offer to store data centrally and then stream the content to device of Your choice, whether it will be laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Lastly, Seagate external hard drives are very durable and You can except the best quality compared to any other popular data storage company. They have built the best right from the start and this American company will not let You down, this is a company to trust. If you want to know which is the best hard drive brand, we can definitely say that Seagate drives are one of the best hard drives. You can find all seagate review on our site.


Top Seagate External Hard Drives

Seagate Expansion Review (Read Review) –This is The Best Selling Seagate Portable Hard Drive on , this hard disk has very affordable price around 100$ and comes in various capacities – 500GB, 1TB and 2TB which is more than enough for most users. This hard drive is powered by USB, and has USB 3.0 with transfer rate of 5GB per second, it is also both compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, but the USB 2.0 was about three times slower in our testing.

Seagate Back Up Plus Slim Review (Read Review) –  Another great product from Seagate, and our opinion that this is the best looking one. This hard disk comes in four colors – Blue, Black, Red and Silver(grey). This device has a sleek metal design – up to 42% tinner and the weight is only 4.8 ounces. That means this portable hdd is very portable. It`s the best external hard drive to take on the go, because at the moment it is the thinnest portable hard drive with capacity up to 2TB.

Seagate BackUp Plus Review (Read Review) – BIG guy- One of the Biggest External Hard Drives Seagate has, this model have a massive 5TB storage, but it also comes in 2TB, 3TB and 4TB capacities. Includes automatic back up software from Seagate Technology.Freely usable with both PC and Mac computers without reformatting. Transfers digital data very fast via USB 3.0 and also compatible with USB 2.0 devices. Easily back-up Your files from mobile devices with free Mobile Backup App.