Twenty years ago, traveling around with your PlayStation would be a bit ridiculous. However, it’s 2019 and social gaming is a thing. We live in a highly-connected world, which necessitates transporting our devices is the safest ways possible—hence the advent of the PS4 travel case. As the name suggests, PS4 travel cases are designed to protect your PS4 while traveling; aside from protecting your PS4, traveling cases can also store games and other accessories, making them an extra practical purchase for any PS4 enthusiast.

The benefits of buying PS4 travel cases

The number one benefit of buying a PS4 travel case is to keep your PS4 safe while traveling. Whether you go by car, bus, train or plane, it’s vital to protect your PS4 from the various dangers your console is exposed to during travel.

I mean, think about it: Whether you’re stuck in the backseat between squabbling siblings or your PS4 is clutched to your chest while you’re on the subway full of disinterested strangers, it needs to be sheltered from surrounding people. People fight, cough, sneeze, spill coffee, etc. All of these things can contribute to the destruction of your beloved PS4 during travel. That’s why most cases, beyond simply encasing your PS4, are padded for extra protection.

Another benefit of buying a PS4 travel case is handy storage. You don’t even have to be traveling to need a place to safely store your PS4. For whatever reason, your PS4 may not always be connected at your house, so it’s smart to give it its own safe place to stay while dormant. And the best PS4 travel cases don’t just store your PS4 alone; they also store games, controllers, cords and more.

What to look for when buying PS4 travel cases?

ps4 travel case

The most important thing to be on the lookout for is whether or not the case is padded. The best PS4 travel cases are always padded because that extra layer of protection is crucial in the event that your case was to be dropped or bashed into or exposed to any other shock-inducing thing.

Consider what material the travel case is made from. That information isn’t always readily available, but it’s a good idea to give special consideration to materials that are water-resistant because chances are, at some point, your travel case will be spilled on through no fault of your own.

Take a look at the shoulder straps and handle. Ideally, there should be both, so that you can carry the case in whichever way you prefer, and so you can switch it up if need be. It’s also important the shoulder straps are adjustable. We’re all different heights and adjusting the strap to your height will not only make it more comfortable and easy to carry, but it will also prevent you from accidentally dropping your case.

Extra compartments and pockets are also ideal. That way, you can carry every PS4 accouterment you need all in one handy traveling case.

Least important, though still a factor nonetheless, is aesthetics. See if they have color or style options that suit your likes. Again, it’s more important to choose a well-made case over one that’s your favorite color, but it’s always a bonus if the case looks good.

Tips on how to choose the best PS4 travel cases for your needs

There are a few things to keep in mind when checking out the best PS4 travel cases for your needs:

  • Ensure your case is padded so that your PS4 is less likely to be damaged should it fall or be dropped or be intentionally slammed to the ground. (After all, preparedness is why you’re getting a travel case in the first place.)
  • Make sure the case you want has the compartments you need. Different cases may have different options and extra compartments are mainly down to needs, in other words, they need to be suited to all the accessories you currently travel with or will likely be traveling with in the future.
  • Spill-resistant materials are always a plus.
  • Adjustability will make your life a lot easier all while protecting your traveling case and your back and shoulders. It’s a win-win.

Our Top 4 Best PS4 travel case picks

1. RDS Industries, Inc Game System Case for PlayStation 4 System and Accessories review

RDS Industries, Inc Officially Licensed Game System Case for Sony PS4...
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The aesthetics of the RDS case are really cool because just by looking at the case’s black fabric cover with dark cobalt blue piping makes you actually think of a PS4 when you see it. In other words, the case goes with the console, which is a superficial thing to like, but I just do.

The body of the case, as well as both the handle and the straps, are made of very durable nylon. You get the feeling that if something unfortunate were to happen, your PS4 wouldn’t be immediately ruined, and the padding inside further gives you that feeling of security.

My PS4 fits perfectly in the main compartment, and I’m a big fan of the controller compartment. While controllers are less vulnerable to damage in general, I wasn’t expecting them to fit as well as they do. The power cord fits in a snug vertical compartment between them. Basically, the smaller internal compartments are very intelligently designed. You can tell RDS Industries actually put a lot of thought into this case, which I appreciate.

RDS PS4 Travel Case Features

Fully padded

As previously mentioned, this is probably the most important feature you should look for. (You know, aside of the one that goes, “Will a PS4 actually fit in this?”) Padded cases will simply protect your PS4 better.

Versatile carrying options

It has both a carrying handle and a shoulder strap, so you can pick which suits your mood best. Also, the shoulder strap is adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about it sliding off your shoulder or banging into your knees as you walk if you’re short like me.

High-quality material

The fabric of the case is 1680 denier nylon. You’re probably wondering what denier means. Essentially, it’s the thickness of the fibers, in this case, nylon. Because the nylon fibers are thick, it means that it’s a pretty durable fabric. While not explicitly water-resistant, a thicker denier will offer slightly more protection on that front than a lower quality fabric. Again, this case doesn’t claim to be water-resistant…water will just seep through less quickly because of the logical fact that thicker fibers will allow fewer water molecules through at a time.

Accessory compartments

The RDS Industries PS4 case has a variety of compartments and pockets to hold your controllers, cords, and camera as well as games. In other words, it’s a pretty utilitarian case for those who need something practical.


What to like about the RDS Industries PS4 travel case:

  • The adjustable straps are comfortable.
  • The fabric is durable.
  • It’s easy to fit the PS4 and accessories inside so you don’t feel like you’re shoving them in there.
  • Extra compartments are convenient
  • Fully padded


What to consider:

  • Some users have had the straps break, though this is rare. There are two obvious explanations for this issue: 1) it was packed with non-PS4 stuff and became too heavy to function as intended or 2) it was simply defective from the factory. In the case of the latter, the company should replace any faulty products, so just contact them if you have that issue and they’ll handle it.

RDS Industries, Inc Officially Licensed Game System Case for Sony PS4...
  • Main pocket holds and protects PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro Systems
  • Convenient mesh inside pockets for games
  • Front pocket holds 2 DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controllers, the PlayStation Camera, AC power cord, HDMI and USB cables

2. CTA Digital Multi-Function Carrying Case PS4-MFC – PlayStation 4/PlayStation 4 Slim/PS3 review

CTA DigitalMulti-Function Carrying Case for PlayStation 4 PS4-MFC
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First impression

The CTA PS4 case is very lowkey in its stark black general carrying case appearance. To me, that’s kind of a bonus. You don’t necessarily want to advertise what you’re carrying because let’s be honest: there are people out there who would yank the bag right out of your hand if they knew your PS4 was inside. The downplayed look also is very gender neutral as well as age neutral. Practically anyone no matter who they are, I think, would feel confident carrying this case down the street.

The material of the case is nylon, as many PS4 cases are and there isn’t a wonder why: Nylon is a durable material. And while not necessarily waterproof (unless it’s specifically designed to be waterproof), nylon is the sort of material that if there were to be a small spill, it wouldn’t absorb immediately, since it’s synthetic, so if you quickly wipe it away, chances are the devices inside will be untouched by water.

I appreciate the built-in straps that keep your PS4 secure inside the main compartment. Not every PS4 carrying case fits the PS4 snugly, which can be a problem because things get jostled during travel, and movement ups the chance of something going wrong. The straps reduce movement, which is a feature I really like. This boosts the protection power of the interior foam padding too.

The multiple pockets are pretty cool; the most unique of these are the six slots for your game discs. I wanted to mention that specifically because I think it would help someone narrow down between two products they like.

CTA PS4 Travel Case Features

Multi-pocket design for versatility

There are two external and internal pockets for accessories with six-disc pockets for game storage. Additionally, there’s a removable pouch for your PS4 camera.

Built-in console-securing straps

The cool thing about the CTA case is that it has built-in straps that secure your PS4 so that it doesn’t get jostled on the train.


This case comes with foam padding, a literal extra layer of security for your PS4. The fabric of the case is nylon, which stands up to wear and tear really well.


What to like about the CTA Digital Multi-Function Carrying Case for PS4:

  • The adjustable straps are 48 inches long for ultimate customization.
  • The removable camera pouch is padded.
  • Designed to be compact so it won’t be too bulky on public transit.
  • It’s also compatible with PS3, so if you have both consoles, you still only need the one case.
  • The nylon construction is durable.
  • Foam padding keeps everything nice and safe.
  • The built-in console-securing straps are a primo feature, because it keeps your console nice and still even while walking.


What to consider:

  • The foam padding is considered to be a bit thin by some users; however, the internal straps that secure the console should provide enough protection to make up for that, unless you’re going to be extremely rough with your case.

CTA DigitalMulti-Function Carrying Case for PlayStation 4 PS4-MFC
  • Compact design perfect for travel
  • Durable nylon fabric
  • 2 Built-in straps to secure the console

3. Lvl 99 Gear PS4 Travel Case review

PS4 Slim & PS4 Travel Bag - by LVL99Gear
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First impression

The bag is sleek and black, so it looks cool while carrying it. It has three sections: The main compartment, the inside pocket, and the outer pocket. The main pocket fits the PS4 nice and snug, while I was able to store a few games and movies in the interior pocket. I like that, because I used this case to take it to my boyfriend’s parent’s house over Christmas and we knew we needed some entertainment, so it was nice I could fit all that stuff.

While you could technically fit your controllers in the front pocket, I opted to put them in a separate case, because I didn’t want them banging around against the cables and it felt a little exposed having the controllers in the front pocket anyway.

Everything went well with this travel case during the trip, so it did its job.

LvL 99  PS4 Travel Case Features

Versatile carrying options

The Lvl 99 Gear PS4 Travel Case comes with a carrying handle as well as an adjustable strap so you can adjust it to your carrying style.

Extra pockets

Aside of the main compartment, which holds your PS4, there is an additional interior compartment as well as an exterior compartment. This enables you to keep your accessories as safe as your PS4.

Fully padded

Lvl 99 Gear’s PS4 case is padded so that should the worst happen (drops and the like), there’s an extra bit of cushion to reduce the shock of being dropped, ultimately keeping your PS4 that much safer.


What to like about the Lvl 99 Gear PS4 Travel Case:

  • Two additional pockets aside of the main pocket
  • Padded
  • Carrying handle and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Ability to hold multiple PS4 accessories
  • Compact so it’s easy to travel with, including air travel


What to consider:

  • Like a few other cases, the main complaint people have about this one is that the padding is too thin. However, a lot of people think the padding is fine. How thin the padding is can be relative, depending on a person’s point of view. The padding here should suit most users, but those who are rough with their equipment should consider getting a case that’s specifically rated to handle drops and other accidents.

PS4 Slim & PS4 Travel Bag - by LVL99Gear
  • MAIN POCKET: The main pocket on this PS4 Bag holds and protects your PS4 System - so you can travel with your PS4 while...
  • INSIDE POCKET: The inside pocket of the Lvl 99 Gear PS4 Travel Case is designed to keep your games safe and secure.
  • FRONT POCKET: The front pocket is designed to hold 2 PS4 controllers and your PS4 cables but can also hold other PS4...

4. BUBM Waterproof Game System Case Shoulder Bag for PlayStation 4 review

BUBM Carrying Playstation 4 Case PS4 Slim Bag with Adjustable Padded...
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First impression

The BUBM Waterproof PS4 case is a little bigger than the others. Black with red piping, it has an active look about it and stands out visually against the others.

The fabric is waterproofed nylon (not all nylon is waterproof—this one is designed to be). Do not try this at home (seriously, don’t do it), but I did submerge the zipped up, empty bag into the bathtub to see if it held up. It did, but I can’t stress this enough: the bag was empty and it’s highly possible that I just got lucky and that every case in this brand may not be able to do this. I just tried it out of curiosity. But on that note, I definitely think if you spilled water on it, you could wipe it away easily. So, at the very least, the waterproofing makes it water-resistant, but again, don’t push your luck, because you never know.

As for the practical side: The main compartment holds your PS4 and another compartment has dedicated bands and slots that hold your accessories in place, including your controllers. That last bit is key—the controllers—because some cases don’t feel like they adequately hold the controllers in place, so this is a big benefit to the BUBM PS4 travel case.

BUBM PS4 Travel Case Features


One of the coolest features of the BUBM PS4 travel bag is the fact that it’s made with waterproofed nylon and has a stainless-steel zipper. While no one recommends you submerge your brand new waterproof case to see how waterproof it is, it’s simply an extra layer of connection in case you get caught in the rain.

Fully padded

The full padding on the case keeps your components protected from jarring movements and other accidents.

Accessory slots

Like all the other best PS4 travel cases, the BUBM case features a separate main compartment for the PS4 itself and a compartment for the accessories. The cool thing about this case is that the accessories compartment is further protected and compartmentalized by slots for each of your accessories to help keep them in place while traveling.


What to like about the BUBM Waterproof Game System Case Shoulder Bag for PlayStation 4:

  • Made with durable, waterproof nylon
  • Stainless steel zipper
  • Dedicated accessory slots in the accessories compartment
  • Fully padded
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Carrying case handle


What to consider:

  • While it’s billed as waterproof, it’s important not to purposely submerge it in water. Most people know better, but for the uninitiated, it’s important to know that “waterproof” and “water-resistant” are often used synonymously. Generally, waterproof things like is the case are made to withstand being caught in a rainstorm, but that doesn’t mean you should take it swimming. After all, the whole point is to protect your PS4 and its accessories so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. This is more of a tip than a con, but it’s still important to mention.


The easy winner of this roundup is the RDS Industries, Inc Game System Case for PlayStation 4 System and Accessories. It has all you could really want in a PS4 travel case with compartments for the PS4 itself and accessories, as well as interior mesh pockets to protect your games. The case is padded, durable with a comfortable strap. Overall, a PS4 travel case is a very convenient way to securely carry your console.

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  1. Very nice case, Bought one for my son just before two months and he loved it!

    Recently he took it on an airplane, and the PS4 was well protected. Nothing happened, Everything has a place, great case.


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