Every PlayStation user knows the importance of DualShock controllers – since PlayStation 1. Now, PlayStation 4 has been released, and the controllers remain an absolutely necessary part of the gaming console without which it is impossible to get the full experience. Same as all good things come to an end, so will the PS4 thumb grips wear out.

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However, just like the improvements in the gaming consoles from PlayStation 1 to 4, the DualShock controllers have also seen an improvement in their technology, and the latest model comes with a lot more benefits. Not only that, but PlayStation Now is going to expand the functions of the gadget, so you will not want to ruin the ones you already have.

The latest series in this line of controllers will be the key component in connecting the PS Now to your televisions and Blu-ray players after the company launches its plug-and-play streaming service. This will separate the gaming experience from its dependence on the console.

So, where’s the problem?

where's the problem?

If you have been gaming for quite some time and are a hardcore gamer, you will know what it’s like to use the controllers. They take quite a beating from us, unfortunately. A lot of continuous hours with them or even when we throw them down after a defeat does make them a little worse for wear. However, there is no doubt about how much they can bear, especially those throws.

But don’t you think that now is the time – especially after all that mistreatment – to give them a little bit of protection for them to be able to perform their very best and not be the cause of your potential loss in the next game?broken ps4 thumb grip

The DualShock controllers can be safeguarded in some ways, but the best and cheapest way would be to cover the analog sticks with PS4 thumb grip covers. This helps you by making sure that the rubber of the stick does not get slippery with sweat or overuse and maintains your grip for all those crucial moments when you need to win. Just one slip of the thumb and you could lose! But not with those thumb grip covers which make sure that they always make you win.

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Added to this significant enough advantage is the fact that these covers ensure that the actual stick rubber does not wear out and remains intact for longer use since the covers can be changed whenever wanted.

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Pros of PS4 thumb grips

The main point of thumb grips is to make sure that the PS4 analog stick on your controller does not start wearing out and to give it a longer life.

Furthermore, they are easily replaceable since you can put them on or take them off very quickly. Plus, they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so should you change your preference any time, you can always buy new ones at a cheap rate.

Every sort of player can find their preferred style of thumb grips – convex versus concave grips, extra height for the analog sticks, just extra thumb grips, or chunkier, heavier ones to suit your hands more since the original analog sticks are kind of slim.

These grips provide a little bit of added friction which is crucial for those times when you are at the finish and need just a little bit of edge over your opponent to win. They give you a bit more precision and control.

The best part is that these grips have been specially designed to make sure that even our thumbs do not feel as much discomfort by the long hours of playing as they would with just the analog sticks. These covers now come in all sorts of different colors and styles for you to choose from.

Let’s Choose the Right PS4 Thumb Grip Cover for You

This is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. Every gamer has a different gaming style and a different preference. Some play for longer than others and, hence, need to make sure that the grips they are using are also of excellent quality and to their fit. Gamers might not even find their perfect fit the first time around – you might need to play around with several different types before you find the one that is most comfortable for you.

The brands listed below have been checked against user preference and are the most popular ones used by gamers and come highly recommended. Competitive edge or want it just for a customized look, you will find your fit on this list.

1. KontrolFreek Inferno for PS4 Review

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This is the company’s most popular sale throughout the year because of its increased analog stick radial distance which gives it more room for movement. The brand is used mostly by professional gamers and increases accuracy and aim. This type is primarily intended for first-person shooters according to the company itself.

The thumb grip adds extra height which results in “increasing accuracy and control.” It also allows players to make more exact movements during the game and to respond faster to incoming attacks, thus winning at crucial moments in the game. Furthermore, the grip lessens the force you apply with your thumb, thus reducing the pain you feel after long hours of playing.

2. KontrolFreek FPS Vortex Thumb Grips for PS4

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The wide variety of options to choose from at KontrolFreek makes sure that you can never lose your controller again. Not only does it have bright colors, but it also has game-branded covers (licensed, of course) for some of the most popular games such as Call of Duty, The Sentinel, and Phantom. These covers are not only practical but also very stylish.

Furthermore, even while catering to your sense of style and aesthetics, the company does not compromise on the amount of comfort and grip its thumb grips provide to the user. Even though they are more expensive than other thumb grips on the market, users have flagged them to be worth the investment. This is made even better by the fact that the company’s thumb grips can be used for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox.

The main target audience for these thumb grips is FPS players who need movement management. They have improved the gaming experience, giving the gamers more control with faster, better responses for players on any device.

3. Grip-iT Analog Stick Covers for PS4

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This company comes recommended by pro gamers as well as leading studios for an improvement in your gaming experience. Although they can be used for the DualShock 3 and 4, these PS4 Thumb Grip covers come in only two colors and cannot be customized as much as others. However, the design is great in making sure that you have traction and control over your movements, even at the most crucial times.

Like KontrolFreek, these controllers are not light on the pocket but save you from constantly spending more and more over the years. As mentioned above, hardcore gamers and professionals prefer using this brand of thumb grips for a better performance despite the lack of customization.

4. GelTabz Performance Thumb Grips

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This company looks for comfort more than anything else and makes sure that its designs provide its users with the best gaming experience that can be offered. Its thumb grips are soft and fit comfortably onto the analog stick. However, they lack the added height and custom fit that most other thumb grips offer but create enough friction that you do not lose control. Still, these are good if you want to practice on improving your gaming skills. They are best for competitive gamers who do not care much for customization.

According to customer reviews, even though these thumb grips are among the most expensive ones on the market, they are also the ones that are worth the investment. Gamers have reported them to be the most comfortable for long hours of continuous playing, and they leave you feeling the least sore after the game. If you have the budget, then you should probably go for GelTabz for that extra comfort.

5. AceShot Thumb Grips

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This company’s range provides you with flexible and customized thumb grips while having them in tall, medium, and short heights and convex and concave shapes to suit everyone’s preference. The design is AceShot dot textures with a new cross design which helps in the grip and control and prevents sweaty, tired thumbs from sliding off.

One pack has ten covers, and you can try them all out to see which one feels best for you. They come cheap as well, so they are a good bargain, especially for new gamers who want to try out the thumb grips first and see what style works best for them.

Furthermore, this brand is compatible across several platforms, and thus, one pack of these can be used for other older DualShock controllers, as well.

There will be a slight decrease in quality, but that is to be expected with the low cost, yet gamers have reviewed these grips to be resistant to wear and tear and very protective of the DualShock controller.

6. Fosmon Analog Stick Joystick Controller Performance

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According to customer reviews, these add a little bit of thickness to PS4 thumb grips, giving them a better grip overall. And they come cheap! This means that they are easily replaceable. They are not for Nintendo switch, however, even though the advertisement says they are. These thumb grips are also easy to put on and take off. Gamers have also said that they like the semi-rough texture of the grips which makes them easier to use during an intense game.

The company makes concave thumb grips with small circular dots on the top which makes it possible for gamers to have a better grip when tilting the stick around.

7. Feeko Thumb Grips

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This is another concave thumb grip with circular dots on the surface, except the dots on this one make a ring on the periphery rather than cover the entire surface. The ring helps ensure that your thumbs do not slide off the cover while playing and act as a sort of barrier. They are also a perfect fit on the analog stick but come in only two colors, black and blue, and cannot be personalized.

8. Orb Controller Thumb Grips

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They are a cheap alternative to the more expensive thumb grips in the market and work just as well. According to customer reviews, the grip is very comfortable and makes for a good gaming experience.

9. Gametown Thumbstick Covers

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These are a perfect fit for the PS4 DualShock controllers. They are concave in shape, and each pack contains a pair of thumb grips. Circular dots cover the surface with the green ring surrounding them. They are offering many interesting thumb stick designs, but this particular model comes in four colors.

10. Insten Silicone Analog Thumb Grip Cover

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This brand is mostly the same as the rest but a little cheaper. The pack includes two pairs of thumb grips, and the brand has three different colors for players to choose from – all black with a different colored ring on them. The circular dots here to provide comfort and accuracy for the player.

The Right Choice

The brands listed above are the best ones out there on the market, and all of them are available on Amazon. However, the recommended thing to do is to buy a multi-pack the first time you are trying these things out. Do not be overeager to buy the more expensive ones, thinking they will naturally be better. You need to find the ones that fit you right. Test them all out on your DualShock 4 and see which one is best for you.

If you are experienced with these kinds of PS4 thumb grips, it is best to make a one-time long investment by buying either KontrolFreek Ultra or Grip-iT.

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  1. Those KELUX grips are HORRIBLE. I bought a set of them a few months ago and the material they’re made from wears down so fast. I play maybe 2 hours per night…and I’ve had to replace my left stick’s Kelux grip once every few weeks…because the rubber wears down to the point where it’s too smooth to grip.
    Definitely not worth the money…even though they’re cheap. But you get what you pay for. So spend a couple more bucks for something that will last you more than a few weeks.


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