Best Portable Hard Drive for Photographer

Nothing beats the experience of travelling – the exhilaration, thrill and fear of going to a foreign land are something that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. What one gets in his travels isn’t just a bunch of souvenirs – it’s a new landscape filled with unusual sights from a rich culture. What better way to preserve the memories you make than by taking plenty of high quality, high-resolution images?

The Cost of a Memory

Unfortunately, the quantity and quality of images you keep are directly proportional to the size it’ll consume in your camera’s possibly lackluster storage. Nothing’s worse than losing a perfect snapshot that you can look back on. That being said, with travelling becoming more accessible nowadays, people have been looking for the best portable drive. For photographer experts, their storage mediums are just as important as their cameras, after all, what’s a few bucks for a portable drive compared to the loss of a priceless memory?

LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt SSD 1TB is excellent but expensive portable drive for photographer. Massive capacity up to 1TB with rugged design

How to Choose the Best Portable Drive for Photographer Enthusiasts?

The best portable drive, for photographer experts or amateurs alike, consist of the following aspects:

Standard Interface – It’s quite surprising that some manufacturers choose to create proprietary power adapters for their portable drives; they’re inconvenient and will be nearly impossible to find in other countries. Also, hard drives with separate proprietary power adaptors will be difficult to use in hotels, as there are often very limited wall outlets available. Because of this, you’ll want to find a portable drive that’s powered via a USB or Firewire cable.

SSD – The best portable drive for photographer experts are often SSDs. This is because SSDs have an insanely fast transfer speed and are also less affected by the bumps one inevitably experiences in travelling. Because of the absence of moving parts, SSDs are likely to be more reliable in storing your images. The only downside, of course, would be the price.

Size – If you’re used to walking around with a huge backpack, then the size of the hard drive may not be that important to you. If, however, you plan on stuffing your hard drive together with your camera, then you’ll want to find one that fits in a lot of standard size pouches. This aspect is surprisingly more important than you think; a lot of waterproof pouches that could save your hard drive from an unfortunate stormy night don’t come in large.

Hard drives, of course, have complicated aspects that this guide may not necessarily do justice to, but remember that this guide is tailored to help photographers find the best portable drive. For photographer enthusiasts, experts, amateurs, or pedestrians, here are some of the best portable hard drives to date:

Western Digital My Passport Ultra (Check Best Price)

Western Digital 1TB My Passport Ultra USB 3.0 Secure Portable External Hard Drive, Black (WDBGPU0010BBK-NESN)

Western Digital has manufactured a huge range of reliable hard drives over the past, and the My Passport Ultra line maintains its title, as virtually any of the hard drives in this series is a good contender for the best portable drive. For photographer experts who use Mac, however, they’ll need to reformat the drive, as it comes preformatted for Windows. The My Passport line maintains a good balance between reliability and size and will be a good investment because of its relatively low price tag.


Seagate Seven (Check Best Price)

The Seagate Seven is often dubbed as the best portable drive. For photographer tech-savvies, they marvel at the sleek form factor that hides an adequate 500GB amount of space. If you don’t mind the relatively meager 500GB of storage and would like something you can easily bring with you everywhere, then the extra bucks for a Seagate Seven will be worth it.

Western Digital My Passport Wireless (Check Best Price)

Western Digital My Passport Wireless

The Western Digital My Passport Wireless is a fancy line of hard drives that contains a built-in SD card reader, and of course, a wireless transfer capability. This drive is a bit fatter than most, but you may find the built-in SD card reader extremely handy in times when you don’t have access to a computer. If you can spare the extra cash and space, then you’ll want to look into this drive.



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